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10 Best Electric Bicycles Brands available in India

The recent boom in the e-bicycle market is not surprising. Given the growing awareness about environmental impact and the need for sustainable commuting, the e-bicycle market was bound to grow.

10 Best Electric Bicycles Brands available in India
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The recent boom in the e-bicycle market is not surprising. Given the growing awareness about environmental impact and the need for sustainable commuting, the e-bicycle market was bound to grow. What we have are newer companies, more cycles, better options.

Also, there are various government initiatives facilitating electric vehicles expansion in India. This is leading to more incentives for companies to invest in the e-bicycle market.

Today, investing in an e-bicycle is like buying bitcoin before 2017, you will have others who shall ridicule you and your investment. Don’t get bogged down, you are an early adopter of a healthy lifestyle. Now, with several options in hand, which brand should you opt for?

Most of the e-bicycle brands are available with lithium-ion batteries and Shimano gear sets. The major concern of customers is — “Aye, electric vehicles don’t have good range, man”. Unless you are a professional cyclist, the average range of 40 to 50 kilometres is sufficient. Also, there are other features like geographical presence, modes, and customer service which set brands apart.

Let us look at some of the most sought-after e-bicycle brands in the Indian market:

E Trio

With a wide range of electric vehicles in their fleet, E Trio is growing into a market leader in this segment. They ventured into the e-bicycle market in recent times and they are providing bicycles of the highest quality. 

The build quality of E Trio’s e-bicycles is commendable. Priced at around ₹35000, they are providing two bicycle models namely, Ashva and iSwitch. Convenience and safety are two facets that E Trio empowers at all times. 

An amazing advantage is they provide a warranty for different parts of the bicycle, for over 12 months each. Catering to the millennials, they have tailored their bicycles to hold smartphones. Though Spoke Herd believes smartphones are a major distraction while cycling, we are not complaining about this feature. 


Hero is one of the renowned names in the two-wheelers industry in India. Owing to its R&D design capabilities set in Germany and manufacturing expertise, it has captured 70% of the market share in the Indian market. 

Currently, they have more than ten e-bicycle models. Hero cycles usually have four modes which are pedal, pedal-assist, throttle, and cruise. It has models specifically built for mountains and roads, while also a few hybrid ones.

With its reputation and quality cycles, Hero is all set to dominate the e-bicycle market in India.


A Bengaluru-based bicycle company, Coppernicus is aiming to carve its niche in the electric vehicles market. “…to redefine the way we commute” reads their story and their cycles symbolize the vision. 

Their cycles are premium built and every component is picked keeping in mind the users’ comfort and riding efficiency. Their bicycles are known for versatility as they facilitate both urban commute and off-roading. With three models- T3, T3+, and Q3, they are equipped with a ten-speed Shimano gear system.

Coppernicus cycles are on the higher end of the budget, but their quality and sturdiness make every penny worth it.


“For a better tomorrow” — Spero Electric is working towards mass adoption of e-bicycles in India. Producing some of the most stylish e-bicycles, they are standing out in the market. Spero has also developed a distinguishing regenerative feature by which each time you pedal, your bicycle gets recharged. Isn’t that just amazing? 

Apart from that, Spero has an added feature of a mobile charger to revive your phone in case the battery dies. These features are a testament to Spero’s innovation. They have three models — e30, e60, and e100 aimed to provide a seamless riding experience. They also offer a one-year warranty along with the bicycle.


Roulik is a Kerala-based company promoting eco-friendly practices through its e-bicycles. A sleek design, coupled with comfort is exactly what customers are enjoying with Roulik’s e-bicycles.

With a maximum range of around 70 kilometers, they are pushing the limits of what an e-bicycle can offer. They also come with three modes — pedal assist, throttle, and manual. Each tailored to accommodate a variety of cycling purposes, Roulik is leaving no stone unturned in crafting the best e-bicycles in the market.

They also provide a 10-year warranty for the bike frame and a 4-year warranty for all electric parts. In an interesting development, Roulik is one of the few firms that provide insurance facilities for e-bicycles.


One of the pioneers in e-bicycle manufacturing — Elektron is well-known for providing bicycles that are true all-rounders. 

They provide super sturdy e-bikes in a consumer-direct process. The touch of personalization has allowed Elektron to be one of the best firms with regard to customer service. 

Elektron manufactures around 7 e-bicycles that are specifically built for different purposes. Having stayed competitive in the market for 5 years, they understand the customers’ needs really well. This is illustrated by their e-bicycles that solve the minute pain points of cyclists.

Toutche Heileo

Touted to be a trendsetter in this niche, Toutche is one of the notable brands in the e-bicycle market in India. With a drive to produce eco-friendly cycles that are aesthetically pleasing, the fairly new brand is taking giant leaps in the market.  

With three models in total and a price range starting at ₹48,900, Toutche is a premium brand. They are building a healthy reputation for producing hybrid e-bicycles of the highest quality.

They also have a wide presence across India with 18 service stations. Being ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) certified, the brand is also building credibility.

Pure EV

With a vision of being ‘India’s most economical mode of commute’ — PURENERGY — Power Using Renewable Energy is here. PureEV is a well-known brand for building electric vehicles that are both economical and durable. 

Their e-bicycle model — Etron + is one of the best in the market. With a telescopic suspension in place, riding on bumpy Indian roads is no more torture to the spine. Priced at around ₹40,000, the Etron + is an easy option for us at SpokeHerd to recommend. 

The cycle comes with a 500wh battery and a high-performance, yet ingenious PURE lithium battery. Coupling these specs with a sturdy frame, the Etron + shall be a common sight on Indian roads in the near future.

Being Human

An all-rounder in the advent of eco-friendly products in India — Being Human is a well-recognized brand. Now, with a vision of a healthier future, they are now manufacturing e-bicycles.

Their mission reads — ‘to accelerate the world’s transition towards sustainable energy’. And rightly so, they have the BH12 — a hybrid bicycle and BH27, its MTB counterpart. 

Fairly new in the market, their cycles are known for their lightweight, yet sturdy frames. Also, the design of both the e-bicycles look sporty and are sure to make heads turn.


At the end of the list is a brand that is known to produce the most bang-for-buck e-bicycles. They are one of the youngest firms in the market but are dominating their niche of the most economical e-bicycles.

They currently have five models that suit different purposes. All of them are powered by an in-house Lithium-Ion battery pack. Their cycles are built to handle rough terrains, yet they provide the comfort every cyclist seeks.

To date, these are the top 10 brands manufacturing electric bicycles in India. With more incentives and user adoption, Spoke Herd believes there will be a huge influx of ventures who shall build e-bicycles. We are looking at the future norm of transport.

Right now, investing in an e-bicycle is a great move to enjoy the early-adopter advantage.

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