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10 Practical Ways to Be Safe on Roads While Cycling

Here are a few basic safety measures for you to keep in check when you are all set to hit the roads

10 Practical Ways to Be Safe on Roads While Cycling
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With fun and frolic, cycling also brings undesired accidents and fatal injuries caused majorly on the roads. The conventional practice for you to be safe outdoors as a cyclist is by being all prepped up to dodge any possible issue that arises on your cycling journey. 

Here are a few basic safety measures for you to keep in check when you are all set to hit the roads: – 

Wear A Helmet, Always

You might think- but isn’t it obvious? But as self-explanatory, as it is, not many cyclists care to wear one. Don’t assume any ride to be harmless to not put on a helmet in the first place. Wear it because it’s meant for your protection. It can help you defeat the ugliest of most road situations you can ever come across. Most of the accidents lead to a head injury which makes it even critical for you to wear a helmet every time you ride a bike outdoors. 

Don’t Skip Traffic Signals

Don’t skip the signals because first, you’ll be breaking the law, and second, you might end up breaking your leg too. Most of the collisions and minor hits happen in the dividers and turns. Once you are out on a busy road riding your bicycle, don’t forget that you are surrounded by other vehicles too who do not run with the same velocity as you do. Follow the signals to avoid any abrupt mishaps, otherwise, you may end up getting more hurt compared to the one who is in a fully shielded car. 

Wear Bright & Reflective Clothes When Cycling

This is by far the most underrated suggestion which amateur cyclists certainly ignore. However, wearing reflective clothes or bright-colored knee pads and helmets helps you get noticed by the drivers while you ride your bikes on the roads. This keeps you protected in preventing any significant road accidents that can take place when it becomes hard for the drivers to spot you in dark lanes or low street lights. 

Install Rear View Mirrors on Handlebars

If your bicycle does not have a rear-view mirror installed, it’s a good idea to get your hands on them and start using them as soon as possible. You don’t want to look over your shoulder every time there’s a honk, not only because it’s annoying but also dangerous, especially on a road full of commotion. The rear-view mirrors favour you to look behind at all times without losing focus on what’s in the front. 

Ride Your Bike with The Flow of Traffic

That’s right! Not too fast, not too slow, the key is to follow the lead of the vehicles moving on the same path as you are. Not following the pace and direction of the traffic you are a part of can be extremely serious. The chances of getting physically hurt rise when you try to sneak from an entirely different direction making the rest of the wheels raise eyebrows at you. It’s a safer option to not adopt any shortcuts while you are on the road, otherwise, the fault may be yours. 

Avoid Distractions When You Are Cycling Outdoors

If you are riding your bike on a busy road, avoid listening to music on Air pods with high volume. You might be aware of the situation of how people end up hurting themselves and others on the road when they don’t pay enough attention to the horns and signals. Unless it’s a calm road, you shouldn’t take the risk of plugging your leads. 

Don’t Intrude on The Sidewalks or Footpaths

As a cyclist, sidewalks and footpaths are not a spot for you to drive safely. It causes more risk than safety, both, for you and the pedestrians. If you do not want to hit the pedestrians and trespassers knowingly or unknowingly, you should follow the same course as the other two-wheelers are. It’s advisable to keep your bikes slightly to the left of the road and follow the momentum of the traffic to assure a safe bike ride.

Carry a Patch Kit for Road Emergencies

As a regular cyclist, you should always be prepared for the worst. Always keep handy a patch kit that comes to your rescue if you have a flat tire in the middle of your cycling ride. This will keep you stress and anxious-free while you are spinning on the roads. Also, having a patch kit would not make you feel deserted in such messy situations.

Choose A Less Chaotic Route

If you hate cycling without grooving a little, simply choose a less congested road, away from traffic jams and signals to enjoy your cycling session.

Carry Emergency Cash at All Times

Well, this is for the times you don’t know how to fix a flat tire. Consider carrying a safety net of quick cash that can save you from encountering unforeseen emergencies on the road. The money will help you either get the flat tire sorted or book a cab in the middle of an alien place if you get stuck. 

Time to Buckle UpWith Spoke Herd!

Being prepared for all the tricky road situations as an avid cyclist allows you to enjoy your cycling session to the fullest. 

Make sure to take necessary precautions during the ride or otherwise you may not be in a position to hop on a bike for a long time. 

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