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5 Creative Ways To Store Your Bicycle Indoors

Below are five creative ways that you could tuck or store your bike while using the least amount of valuable room in the apartment.

5 Creative Ways To Store Your Bicycle Indoors
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Are you tired of worrying about your bicycle getting stolen from your outside storage? Tying it at a chain to some pole is as easy as it seems. However, with time, this can become risky and result in theft. Luckily, there are some things you can do to keep your bicycle safe even when you cannot use it right away. Make your inner space a virtual haven for your bike so that it does not get damaged by the harsh weather conditions outside. 

While many people use their bicycles to commute to work, some of us need to make sure we have a place to store in our apartment without taking up too much space. 

Some helpful tips to keep in mind before you go wild with storing your bicycles inside:-

  1. You probably want to keep your bikes out of the way and off the main floor of your house. That way, you don’t have to worry about bumping into them in the dark or tripping over them when you get home from work. 
  2. There are many benefits to keeping your bike in a separate room. Protect your furniture, carpet and other belongings from unwanted scratches and nicks with a secure bike storage rack. 
  3. Always keep your bike inside the building and behind a door to prevent theft, damage, or being put in a situation where it could get damaged if someone were to trip on it.

Below are five creative ways that you could tuck or store your bike while using the least amount of valuable room in the apartment:

1. Bicycle Storage Units

Using a bicycle to commute is an eco-conscious, economical alternative to driving. And, it is the fastest way to get around town. However, the task of storing a bike in your small apartment can be more difficult than using it throughout the city! Storage racks combine both style and functionality. So whether it is leaning against the wall or hiding under your couch, you can finally have peace of mind when you go out and leave your bike behind!

2. Floor Racks For The Minimalistic Within You

Bicycle floor racks are a flexible, permanent solution to storing your bike indoors. Completely adjustable and adaptable, they allow you to place your bike a short distance off the ground so you can use the entire space of the room this way. The free-standing weighted tripod gives you plenty of options regarding positioning while the vertical pole hooks easily onto any horizontal steel beam or ceiling hook to keep your bike in place and safe.

3. Ceiling Hoist To Never Worry How Much Floor Gets Occupied

Ceiling hoists takes advantage of an unused high wall space, like in a basement, to lift your bicycle out of the way. Its simple construction makes it easy to install in any room, and its low-profile design keeps the bicycle out of sight.

This is the easy way to store your bike out of sight while keeping it close at hand. With two hook arms mounted on a pulley that allow you to lift and lower your bicycle effortlessly, this system is ideal if you have a high ceiling. Plus it makes for a quirky bedroom or living room as well! 

4. Wall Mounts To Your Rescue

Do you always struggle to make some extra room for yourself at your home already? Wondering how you would even fit a bike! If yes, then a wall-mounted bike storage design is the best thing that can happen to you. This is because they are not bulky and are designed to save floor space. 

A wall-mounted bike storage rack is a permanent solution for a bike owner tired of hooking and unhooking his or her bicycle from the ceiling. There are various types of wall-mounted hooks and stands available in the market today. These include hooks with fixed arms that support both horizontally placed and vertically positioned bikes. Certain designs blend in with the rest of the home decor while others are hidden, depending on your preference.

5. Wall Leaning Racks For That Extra Room

Providing a convenient and stable location to store your bike, the wall-leaning bicycle rack is a great alternative to mounting a traditional bike rack on your garage wall or even bedroom! 

Not having to drill holes into the wall or floor saves you the expense of hiring contractors and reduces the chance of damaging your door. With the bike safely tucked away in a corner, it frees up space making it easier to move around. When not in use, simply slide it away back under the bed or behind a door that keeps pets and kids out. Alternatively, two bikes can also be mounted on top of the stand itself.

To Wrap It Up

It is inevitable, the moment you begin to love a bicycle and start using it on a regular basis. For many of us our prized possession gets stolen because we keep it out in the open. We know! We have all been there, but with a few simple precautions like parking it somewhere in a well lit area and never leaving the combination or ignition key unattended can ensure that no opportunist steals your bike.

Convenient, compact and beautiful to look at is all that you need to store your bike safely and in style! We hope you find these innovative ways to keep your bicycle safe. Do tell us in the comments below on what tactics you use to store your bicycle.

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