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5 Cycling Road Trips You Must Take in India in 2021

Cycle touring is spinning your bike across states, continents, and even countries that lasts as short as a week’s trip or a year-long one.

5 Cycling Road Trips You Must Take in India in 2021
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Road trips on a bike are one of the most cherished dreams every cyclist wishes to fulfil at least once in their lifetime. In India, there are loads of beautiful and adventurous spots one can cover as a cyclist to make the most of their cycling road trip experience. It is considered to bless you with a transforming experience that does not fail to give an adrenaline rush and an urge to tick it off your checklist. But as exciting as it sounds, it requires a lot of preparation before you can make this dream a reality. 

Are Road Trips Similar to That of Cycle Touring?

Yes and no! Basically, when you take road trips on your bicycle, they are usually shorter in duration while cycle tours can go for a month and a yearlong. Cycle touring is spinning your bike across states, continents, and even countries that lasts as short as a week’s trip or a year-long one. But either way, be it a road trip or a cycling tour, covering a broad landscape on your bike does not come easy. As a cyclist, there are tons of preparations and precautions you need to make and be mindful of to enjoy a fulfilling bike tour. 

Out of a lot of things, you need to be considerate of:

> The duration of your road trip – short, moderate, or long

> Difficulty level you might need to go through

> Destination you want to cover in the stipulated time

> Make arrangements for accommodation

> Decide if you want to ride solo, duo, or in a group

> Finding the best route to help you easily cover the stretches

> Packing for utilities as well as emergencies and so on! 

Looks like a lot, doesn’t it? But even so, it is going to be a life-changing experience if you are ready to give all your passion, determination, and willingness to make this dream come to life. 

Below are some of the breath-taking destinations in India you should not miss out on taking a road trip on your bike. So, get ready to hop on your bikes because the list would want you to do that right away! 

1. Chennai to Pondicherry

One of the easiest tracks to get your bikes on is covering a short distance from Chennai to Pondicherry. The duration of the ride should not exceed more than 2 days but can stretch up to 3 days based on your cycling performance. The lanes are a bliss to work with and the beaches and the lush greenery all around will definitely make it a naturistic road trip for you. 

2. Mumbai to Daman 

The riding difficulty level is moderate but is totally worth it. It will take you a minimum of 2 or a maximum of 3 days to cover the distance. Few lanes are flat which makes it easy to ride your bike however some terrains are a little steep wherein you might be required to push yourself a little. But other than that, the destination in itself is mesmerizing with beaches, casinos, and forts which will keep you entertained throughout the ride.

3. Somnath to Diu

A 3-day road trip wherein you will surround yourself with tall coconut trees, crop farms, and breathtaking sites that’ll force you to stop paddling and enjoy the serene beauty and live the moment. You can expect to enjoy your bike ride with flat terrains throughout without any bumpy roads coming

4. Leh to Khardungla 

Well, if you are a winter person, an expert cyclist who knows his/her way with bicycles and does not mind the sheer cold temperature, this trip is meant just for you! This is one of the most adventurous road trips you can cover on your bike. It is also famous and much renowned for being the world’s highest motorable road.

5. Rameshwaram 

It is one of the most loved cycling routes for a long yet chill road trip to consider with your cycling gang. The streets will seem as if they are meant for cycling. It may take up to 5-7 days from your end to cover this beautiful place, but you can go at your own pace if you like. You will surround yourself with marine beauty on either side of the road.  

The Bottom Line

The places and routes listed above are some of the top and magnificent destinations that you can explore as a cyclist who makes up his/her mind to go on a road trip. You get to ride with a splendid view throughout your journey making it even more worthwhile.

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