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5 Practical Ways to Lose Belly Fat with Cycling.

Losing belly fat isn’t a desire that you dream and it comes true.

5 Practical Ways to Lose Belly Fat with Cycling.
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Losing belly fat isn’t a desire that you dream and it comes true. It entails immense physical strength, consistency, and patience for you to experience it happening. There is a reason why cycling is a proven aerobic activity to shrink belly fat and help you hit a healthy body weight. 

Below are a few practical and proven techniques to help you witness actionable results: –

Cycling Before Breakfast

Begin your day with a fasted cycling session. Hit the trails on an empty stomach on a regular or maximum of thrice a week. Gradually, you will start noticing a change in regards to shrinking the belly fat you have been trying to get rid of for a long time now. If you are hesitant to step outside without filling your bellies, don’t consume anything more than water, black coffee, or tea.  

The reason we are asking you to do so is, your empty stomach will accelerate the process of ditching the fat around the waistline faster by burning more flab as you technically would have been on an intermittent fast all night long. This ensures your glycogen stores are low, which tricks your body to use fat as a fuel to keep you going strong and filled with strength through the cycling session. 

However, if you know you are going to be out spinning on your bicycle for more than 2 hours, don’t forget to carry a quick snack on your way out. This would come in handy, as you don’t want to end up feeling fatigued and dizzy, which does not prove as a wholesome cycling workout. 

High-Intensity Cycling Workout

Losing belly fat isn’t a relaxed procedure, it demands consistency and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for you to start witnessing actual results. For you to shed abdomen fat, you need to do more than just paddle. It is appropriate that you start with warming up with a duration of 15-20 minutes of stretching drills to prep your body. 

Post that hops on your bike and start paddling intensely for a stretched time period. Be mindful to paddle in a way that you feel your heartbeat is going up and you are breathing quite heavily. Having said that, the intention isn’t to make yourself feel uncomfortable, but to slow the pace when you start gasping and panting. Allow your body to come back to normal temperature after a heavy cycling session.

It’s up to you to decide the frequency of the days you want to devote to HIIT, but twice a week should be your sure shot moto for your belly fat loss achievement.  

The Power of Low-Intensity Workout

Only because high-intensity cycling sessions are impactful doesn’t mean you should feel anything less about low-intensity ones. It’s important to slow down because you do not want to get sore muscles, tired body, and any possible injuries week after week. 

Ideally, HIIT should only consume 20% of your efforts, the rest 80% should be aligned with the moderate-paced cycling sessions. Do make it a point to strike an equilibrium to not overdo or fade out your biking forces. 

However, don’t confuse slowing down as putting a pause to your routine workout. You need to keep going to see the ultimate result of losing belly fat. 

Consistency Matters the Most

Always remember, consistency beats every flaw. It’s okay if you do not feel physically charged to do a heavy or intense workout sometimes, but that should not let you skip cycling and break the schedule. Go ahead and do a light workout for 30 minutes, or make it a small sesh of high-intensity workout, but never pass on it.

Never Undermine Adequate Rest & Proper Diet

Only work and no rest can make your belly fat loss goals mesh in a reversed direction. A post-workout care regime is something that you cannot and should not ignore at any cost. 

Nourishing your body and offering it an abundance of healthy food and sound sleep is crucial and should be of utmost importance. A healthy mind with a healthy body is a combination you should be always aiming for. 

Wrapping It Up, Cycling is an effective way to not only help you lose fat but build strong muscles. Even though cycling is considered a mild method of training and exercising, it’s astonishing to find out how rapid cycling can help you drop as much belly fat as you would expect to shed in a gym. 

Spoke Herd hopes this article helps and you finally get that annoying belly fat out of your way. Good luck! 

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