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5 Tips to Increase Your Average Cycling Speed

Your cycling speed reveals a lot about your growth as a cyclist.

5 Tips to Increase Your Average Cycling Speed
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No more devotion left to continue the easy-breezy way of cycling you started with? Well, that’s good to hear! If you are all set to go ahead and take the cycling workouts up a notch, it’s time you pay heed to the frequency and intensity with which you paddle. 

Your cycling speed reveals a lot about your growth as a cyclist. It is okay to do cycling for fun, but certainly not enough for smashing the physical health standards and goals you have been meaning to achieve as an avid cyclist. 

So, Spoke Herd has got 5 tips for you to try and give yourself a push to increase your average cycling speed. 

1. Make Sure Your Wheels Are Sturdy Rather Than Wobbly

Want to go fast? Make sure your tyres are perfectly pumped and inflated. It makes your bike sturdier and makes it roll like an unstoppable ball until of course, you choose to hit breaks! Anyways, don’t forget to check your tyres by taking a quick stroll around the neighborhood to get an idea if your wheels are good to speed up or not for the cycling sessions. 

You can also get the pressure of the tyres checked and ensure it does not get adversely affected on different terrains and roads you wish to conduct your cycling workouts on. 

2. Kick the Comfort Zone Out & Ride with Your Other Cycling Buddies

While you are cycling alone, you are free and not obligated to coordinate with any fellow cyclists. You can go as fast as you can and as mellow as you want the ride to be. On the flip side, when you choose to train along with your cycling partners or buddies, you need to catch up with the pace the other person is riding along with. 

This helps in increasing your cycling speed without you even realizing it. When you ride with partners or even in a group, there is a certain level of energy that everyone brings with themselves, which motivates the other as well to push their boundaries and paddle harder and faster, which ultimately increases your cycling speed. Also, make sure to choose a partner who is a motivated and a trained cyclist, he/she may help you to up your game when it comes to increasing your average cycling speed. 

3. Lower Your Body When Cycling Instead of Sitting Straight Up

You can call this a trick that always works. But first, do you know how wind can be a great contributor for you to speed up and slow down when it comes to increasing your average cycling speed? Well, it has a significant role to play. 

It turns out when you sit straight up, the wind resistance works in power which somehow restricts you from increasing your speed. So in that case, you should lower your body to form an arc and reduce the emphasis on the frontal area to cut straight through the wind. 

The more intensity you put, the better it gets for you to ride your bike at speed. Also, when you form a shape of an arc, your tendency to paddle much faster comes as an add. 

4. Become A Master at Bike Handling If You Want to Ace Your Cycling Speed

Being a cyclist, you should be well aware and equipped with the art of handling and controlling your bike. There are numerous ways that you can practice to master the tactics which can eventually help in acing up your overall cycling speed. 

As a beginner or even a pro cyclist, you should feel comfortable taking swift sharp turns, riding close to other vehicles or cyclists without bumping or crashing into one another, balancing the bike well in crowded as well on open streets, and riding without holding the handles too count! But don’t just do it if you’re not fully confident, otherwise, it may lead to road accidents which can turn fatal. 

The more control you have while you are on your bicycle, the better it gets when you are in speed and are expected to hit breaks in case of emergencies and not otherwise. 

5. Last But Not The Least, Don’t Forget To Pay Closer Attention To Your Diet

Diet cannot and should not be compromised whatsoever. The fuel your body needs to use as strength to help you increase your cycling speed is determined by the kind of diet you adhere to as a cyclist. Make sure to stick to your diet plan before, during, and after all your cycling sessions to make the most out of your workout. 

Remember, the more rapidly you choose to paddle, the quicker your body burns extra fat and transforms carbs into energy-producing sources for your body to get more strength and endurance to ride longer. 

Consider including lots of proteins and carbs in each of your meals. It will not only help you while you are on the go but also help heal, and recover your body from the tightness and soreness it causes to your muscles. 

Summing It Up

While the above-listed points are excellent ways to increase your average cycling speed, eventually you need to put in all the strength, hard work, and attempts to make it happen for real. 

Make sure to push yourself every day a little to go a dash more agile than the previous day, and in no time, you will see a huge endurance being evoked within your physical self. 

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