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5 Ways Cycling is Saving Our Environment

Being environment friendly is the need of the hour. Most industries are being revamped towards being eco-friendlier and more sustainable. For the private transport sector, there is one prime solution — Cycling.

5 Ways Cycling is Saving Our Environment
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Being environment friendly is the need of the hour. Most industries are being revamped towards being eco-friendlier and more sustainable. 

For the private transport sector, there is one prime solution — Cycling.

With the pandemic helping the cycling community gain traction, here are 5 ways how cycling improves our Earth:

Reduces Greenhouse Gases

Cars, motorcycles, or any other mode of transport expend loads of carbon dioxide. It is 2021 and we all realize how greenhouse emissions are enhancing the impact of global warming

On the flip side, cycling does not contribute to any emission of greenhouse gases.

This is a major advantage of regular cycling. And if the cycling culture is adopted by the masses, air pollution shall recede.

An indirect benefit of cycling is the reduced consumption of fuels. More cycles on the road mean fewer cars. This means the need for diesel and petrol reduces by a fair margin. 

With every gallon of fuel saved, the environment benefits by multifold. 

Requires fewer roadways

Cycling does not require any infrastructural changes. No road widening projects are needed for cycling. 

How does this improve our Earth?

With cycling, our existing infrastructure’s utility is maximized. Congestion on roads reduces by a great extent.

The existing roads turn spacious enough for the commute of the masses.

This means resources needed for widening or constructing new roads are saved. Also, the mass felling of trees which is common during these processes is avoided. 

These benefits may not seem large enough now. However, imagine when the majority of our population take up cycling, the benefits compound to the peak.

Decreases landfill and hazardous wastes

This is another indirect benefit of active cycling. To date, efficient disposal of old vehicles is not in place. The landfills, across the nation, are dangerous to public health. 

Cycling regularly means your car or other vehicle is used sparingly. This ensures there is no unnecessary wear and tear of the vehicles. You maximize the life of the vehicles, reducing landfills.

This furthers the decrease in the volume of hazardous wastes which are associated with the scrapping of vehicles.

Brings down noise levels

Noise pollution is a growing concern in many cosmopolitan cities. And with an increasing population, this concern can easily migrate to other parts of the country. 

Cycling has negligible to zero contribution to the overall decibel levels.

Noise pollution which has several adverse impacts on public health can be limited by active cycling. 

Cycling also reduces congestions on the roads, with fluid movement. Hereby, it reduces unnecessary honking.

Reduces Individual ecological footprint

The ecological footprint is vital for the sustainability of the Earth. The pace at which wastes are generated, resources are consumed, reflects the impact of human practices. 

Nowadays, transportation is taking a heavy toll on the ecological footprint of individuals. Given the fuel consumption, emission, and unrecyclable scrap, most modes of transport are not sustainable. 

For a healthier Earth, cycling needs to be adopted and used as a daily mode of transport.

By choosing cycling, each one of us is contributing to the Earth’s betterment in these 5 ways.

Also, every cyclist saves a lot of money which would either be wasted in buying a car or a gym membership. And not to forget the health benefits that come along with cycling.

Spoke Herd believes in being Eco friendly. Happy Pedaling.

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