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7 Common Signs Your Bike Needs Servicing or Repairs

You may have already come across tons of reasons to send your bike for servicing and get it tuned up

7 Common Signs Your Bike Needs Servicing or Repairs
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You may have already come across tons of reasons to send your bike for servicing and get it tuned up. You know by now that your bike is in desperate need of maintenance but still, you do not find any of those reasons good enough till it entirely collapses, isn’t it? But one thing we need to keep in mind is that a bicycle’s good health means you are not only protecting the bike but also yourself while on the roads. 

A smooth ride does not only mean you being all pumped up and prepared because the bike needs to be equally prepared too! It demands attention and expects to be in good shape similar to how your body does. Your bike needs proper oiling, maintenance of regular wear and tear, and getting rid of any age-long accumulated dust and rust to ensure a smooth ride and enhanced performance as a cyclist.  

Watch out for these 7 sure shot signs that your bike needs maintenance and servicing before it stops doing what it does the best:

1. Your Bike Squeaks a Lot

You know that high-pitched annoying sound every time your bike makes when you even struck the first paddle, that’s a clear-cut sign it needs to be visited by a mechanic as soon as possible. It can simply require itself to get lubricated or change certain parts which cause the trouble. This way you can enjoy your ride peacefully without getting used to that noise. 

2. Your Bicycle’s Chain Is Unreliable

Because it keeps slipping off! And you shove the issue as if it’s not serious! Stop doing so before the chain comes out in the middle of your high-intensity training making everything chaotic for you. So to avoid yourself getting into any such pickle make sure you get it checked and all retrieve its health. 

3. Your Gears Don’t Work and Shift Properly

If your bike fails to shift gears smoothly as it used to when it was brand new or you end up putting more force every time you require to change the gears, it’s evident your bike either needs new gear cables or housing maintenance. This is worrisome because, in order to make all your cycling workouts productive, your gears play a major role when you hit the roads or hills. 

4. Your Bike’s Starting to Get Messy

It’s dirty and only needs cleaning as every vehicle does, but this isn’t considered any major concern to spend on your precious bike right? Wrong! Bike dirt and dust cause major expenses if collected and ignored for long so much so it starts rusting and adds to your expense. So be cautious when you start to notice minor issues and rectify them soon. 

5. Flat Tyres

Your tires need to be filled every time. This is one aspect you shouldn’t be ignorant of as a cyclist. Get your tires changed, pumped, or replaced at your soonest convenience to keep yourself safe on the roads and keep an irritable ride out of the way once and for all. 

6. Stuck Saddle 

Your saddle height shouldn’t be too high or too low. It can affect your posture and ruin it completely causing you back pains and muscle soreness. If you see your saddle is stuck and refuses to get adjusted how you wish it to be, it’s time you go ahead and do so.

7. Your Bike Is Starting to Rust

You are already aware of how some cyclists continue to ride their bikes even when they can clearly spot rusts slowly eating their whole bike up? Don’t be one of such people and get rid of it to make sure your bike appearance and health are both staying in proper check. 

Summing It Up

You can never go wrong if you care for your bike too much, you go wrong when you do the complete opposite. Your exercising instrument needs to be performing at its best to offer you the results you seek as an athletic professional. 

Make sure to book your bike a maintenance appointment and do your exercising equipment a favor. Instead of rescheduling, make sure to get it checked this time for sure. 

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