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7 Inspiring Books That Every Adventure Cyclist Should Must Read

Our recommended books are guaranteed to get you excited about cycling and keep you motivated to push yourself to the next level.

7 Inspiring Books That Every Adventure Cyclist Should Must Read
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Sometimes, reading a book is a personal and inspirational journey. You can read about the challenges people have overcome and how they went about making their dreams a reality, even if you never get around to actually cycling faster or improving your technique.

A book can help you become a faster cyclist by improving your technique, even though it cannot really ask you to speed up. It can also inspire you to work harder in order to achieve your goals. Cycling is a great way to stay fit and have fun in the process. The right pick can motivate and inspire you to reach your goals faster. 

Our recommended books are guaranteed to get you excited about cycling and keep you motivated to push yourself to the next level. 

Whatever your goal , there's a book for you:-

1. The Take-Off

Indian cyclists are having great adventures on the road but their stories are not widely known. For the first time, one can read true stories by 37 Indian cyclists, all in one book; stories by the top cycling champions representing India, as well as accounts by ordinary people pushing their limits.

Each story takes you to a different cyclist’s ride and mind. Go from a suspenseful race finish by the national road cycling champion Naveen John in Jamkhandi to an amateur’s attempt to survive a race in Gujarat; from cycling in the deep jungles of Coonoor to training for a race during shutdown in Kashmir; from cycling alone to cycling in tandem.

Lose yourself in the book or gift it to someone. Perfect for both adults and children, the stories are inspiring, thrilling and sometimes moving.

2. The Rider

The Rider: Inside the Hidden World of the Tour de France by retired professional cyclist and former Dutch journalist David Walsh, is a 2005 classic. Filled with mesmerizing detail and glowing prose, it is an instant page turner that readers will relish in one sitting. For any fan of bike racing, this book is an absolute must.

The racing cyclist tells the story of a professional bicycle race from his perspective. It may be a bit of a doozy, but this cult classic novel tells the story of professional bicycle racing beautifully. Its themes are deeply human and relatable. It will capture your heart if nothing else.

3. 50 Shades Of The U.S.A

Anna McNuff left the UK in September 2010 on a bicycle, planning to arrive in the US at the end of November. In Fifty Shades of the USA, she writes about her 11,000-mile bike journey through each of the 50 US states and shares some captivating stories along the way. Uncover her tips for living happily and fully in this book.

Even if you’ve been to every state, Anna will have you cracking up with her irreverent observations on bike culture and the crazy people she meets along the way. You’ll never think of a map or a calculator the same way again.

4. 50 Miles Wide

Julian Sayarer is best known for his incredible achievement in 2009 of cycling around the world in under a year. Recently, though, he returned to his bike to explore the roads of Israel and Palestine. Fifty Miles Wide is an account of his experience traveling through old villages, across deserts, and through vibrant city streets filled with hip-hop artists and local culture.

5. Back In The Frame

Jools Walker's book is an enjoyable and personal story of her passion for cycling. This is a book about cycling, belonging and joy. It’s the story of a 28-year-old female cyclist who takes her bike out again after a 10-year hiatus. She writes about how cycling helps her strengthen her connection to her dying mother and overcome depression.

With plenty of tips and motivational reminders, this book reaches beyond cycling and is a fun, moving read for anyone who has ever ridden a bike.

6. Racing Through The Dark

In an extremely candid and open manner, Millar offers an account of how he tried to achieve success by cheating and then found redemption as he made peace with his past, so that he could campaign against the use of drugs in pro cycling. Millar gives an honest portrayal of his descent into doping, his arrest as part of the “Operation Puerto” investigation, and his subsequent turn to anti-doping activism. 

This book, which is personal and brutally honest and a great insight into one of cycling’s most exciting eras. Cyclist David Millar's story of living a double life as a cyclist and a substance misuser makes for a worthy addition to any sports fan's library.

7. Tomorrow, We Ride

In Jean Bobet's book, the reader is treated to part biography of his famous brother Louison Bobet and part his own autobiography. An immensely readable account of the Bobet family, their careers, and the world of cycling in post war Europe, this book will leave you feeling that you've been there. As you read about the historic events Jean took part in (such as the epic three-way battle for the title between himself, Coppi and Bartali in 1953) and the fascinating personalities he rode with (Anquetil, Nencini, Koblet), you will feel as if you have relived these moments alongside him. 

The author's view on life and what it means to be a professional cyclist are interesting; even if you have never had any interest in cycling or professional bicycle racing in particular, you will find these ideas thought provoking and relevant to all walks of life.

The Bottom Line

These books are a brilliant investment. You can find all of these books on Amazon and eBay. You can also download pdf's from the internet. 

Make sure to get your hands on these books to get rid of your lukewarmness towards your own potential.

Do you have any favorite cycling books that inspired you in some way? Would you like to share with the rest of us? Be sure to leave us a comment below!

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