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Best Kid’s Bike Helmets to Buy

A helmet makes for one of the most important protective gear for cycling. And when it comes to kids, along with maintaining high quality and safety standards, attractiveness is one of the key criteria as well.

Best Kid’s Bike Helmets to Buy
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A helmet makes for one of the most important protective gear for cycling. And when it comes to kids, along with maintaining high quality and safety standards, attractiveness is one of the key criteria as well.

Well, for an eight-year-old, “You look good with this blue helmet.” is always better than “Wear this helmet. It is for your safety.”

So what should you keep in mind before considering a helmet purchase?

First, a helmet that does not fit well on the head will not provide adequate protection to your kid. So double-check the size because it will provide maximum comfort as well. Neither should it be so loose that there is a danger of the helmet falling off, nor should it be so tight that it suffocates the child.

Also, it should provide an unobstructed view to the kid while riding.

Helmets being lightweight is another feature being looked at for kids since they find it very inconvenient to go on with heavy helmets. 

These days helmets come with magnetic-type buckles which are much easier to use for kids. And the final yet important factor is breathability. For this aspect, fabric makes a lot of difference. Soft and foamy fabrics are preferred over synthetic ones.

After we set the prerequisites, we come to what all options are there in the market for us to explore. Along with the most famous Steelbird and Studds, various other brands have come up as well that do an excellent job. Let us see which ones are leading the market right now, covering all the above requirements:


Starting with a popular option, Firefox is well-known for its quality cycling products. They produce some of the safest yet attractive helmets for kids.

With 6 ventilation holes, Firefox helmets prioritize the kids’ breathability. Also, they provide an element of flexibility as size can be adjusted. Priced at ₹850, this helmet is a bang-for-buck product. Coupling it with the credibility of the Firefox brand, it is a no-brainer for us to recommend.

Jaspo Cycling helmet

Kids’ favorite, this Jaspo Cycling helmet is a must feature in the best bicycle helmets list for kids. Its multi-layer padding provides an unparalleled level of comfort for the kids. 

Alongside, it also has high-density EPS protection ensuring the primary aim of providing safety is catered to. With multiple vents and a UV print, Jaspo delivers the best helmets for kids. 

XJD Toddler Helmet Kids Bike Helmet

With 14 air vents, this makes the helmet score high on the breathability scale. It has a shock-absorbing mechanism with a foam inner shell. Moreover, it is CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) certified which makes it useful for multiple sports. 

Also, the EPS foam coupled with durable PVC provides for a nice balance of comfort and safety. The XJD helmet is expensive compared to other options on the list but considering its quality and safety features, it is worth it.

LERUJIFL Kids Helmet

Another popular option, the LERUJIFL kids’ helmet is sturdily built using expanded polystyrene. Also, its adjustability is its main selling point because it extends its utility for a number of years. It serves the purpose of protecting the head in different sports. 

Priced at around ₹4000, the LERUJIFL kids helmet is a premium helmet with state-of-the-art safety features.


In India, cycling and Decathlon can rarely be decoupled. Their helmets for kids are of supreme quality and economical. They provide full protection and ensure there is no compromise in the kids’ safety. Also, they have well-designed interior padding. 

Decathlon’s kids’ helmets are one of the few that comply with the EN 1078 safety standards. Moreover, Decathlon produces kids’ helmets in several attractive colors. At less than ₹800, these helmets are an ideal companion for kids.


With so many options at hand in current days, choosing a helmet can be a tricky task. Investing in a helmet for your kid is also a way of nurturing discipline in them. Keeping safety as a priority is a must. But, including your kid in the search process will be better. 

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