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Bicycle crash advice: What to do after a crash?

It is impossible to stop accidents on the road no matter how many measures you take or how cautious you are.

Bicycle crash advice: What to do after a crash?
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It is impossible to stop accidents on the road no matter how many measures you take or how cautious you are. Unfortunately, when an accident takes place, fatal injuries are usually received by bikers. So, when a person is riding a bike, they should be ready with their wits on what to do after a bike crash. 

When a bike crash into a car, it is scary, and you are on the road disoriented, feeling shocked. Plus, the pain of the injuries can make you do things even without thinking. However, to make sure you do not do something wrong, here are some points that you must carry after a bike accident. This includes how to take care of yourself, report the accident and gather evidence. 

The post-accident checklist you must follow

Control your emotion

When you have an accident, you immediately get burdened with mixed emotions, i.e., confusion, grief, pain and anger. So, the person’s first instinct is to burst their anger on the other party involved in the accident. But the action you create will only distract the witness around you who can help you get out of the situation. So, try staying in control of your anger and let the people around you help you. 

Perform basic first aid

Before you get up, check for your injuries. Ask yourself can you feel your limbs perfectly? Is there any blood coming out from any part of your body? Do all the bones are still intact? Be careful while moving your body; immediately call for medical assistance if you feel any fatal injuries. Also, check for any signs of concussion. The best way to do this is to look at your helmet whether it has bent or contains any crack. If there is, it will definitely mean that you have hit your head on the road. 

Note down other party’s details

If another party is involved in the accident, make sure to note down the vehicle’s registration number on the phone, notepad or whatever you find accessible. Also, write down the details, including model, colour and other details. If possible, try to get the driver’s address, name and insurance details. 

Carry your obligation as a citizen

If the condition of the accident is making the situation complicated and the traffic condition is getting worse, dial 100 immediately. Calling the police will help you catch the other party involved and leave the accidental area without exchanging any other details for further investigation. 

Do not start discussing liability

It’s rather safe not to discuss the liability right at the accident zone. This can make the situation confusing. The heated conversation can bring out the final verdict, so it is better not to discuss it. This is because, in most situations, the biker is held responsible for the crash and blamed for irresponsibility. So, it would be wiser to keep the mouth shut and let the police reach the zone first. 

Click photos of the scene

Do not forget to take pictures of the accident zone from different angles. The metadata mentioned in the digital photo will also help, as it contains the time it was clicked. Also, if you are clicking a pothole photo, make sure to show its location on the road.

Further, compare it with other substances to clearly depict its size and depth. Next, you can take pictures of the mud on the accident area that was the reason for your crash, the driver’s number plate and other reason for the crash. 

In addition, normal damages take place in mirrors, body panels, tyres, etc. So, taking pictures of these areas are also preferable. However, apart from taking pictures of your vehicles, click pictures of the other party’s vehicle too. It will prevent the situation of false claims and acquisitions. If you are not able to take pictures physically, ask a friend or witness present at sight. 

Inform the accident to your insurance company

No matter if it’s a minor or major accident, it is going to affect you financially. So, to minimize the effect as much as possible, it is better to inform your insurance company as early as possible. For this purpose, you may need to describe the accident to the insurance company in detail and the areas you have received damage. 

It is important to gain as much claim as possible for the accident. Next, the company will assign you an officer who will study your accident case and work on it in depth. Remember, you have the freedom to select the solicitor of your choice. 

Take the help of a professional 

There is no doubt when an accident is involved, many complex legal issues arise. Thus, it is best to find yourself a personal injury lawyer who can further investigate the process. 

These points mentioned above are ways to handle the situation after you have a bike crash. However, it is better to be preventive and make sure the situation never arises altogether. You can do this by joining a cycling community where you will be riding with professionals only. So, there is a much-reduced chance of going through an accident.

SpokeHerd community- The Best cycling community

SpokeHerd community is a lively cycling community that binds its member with the satisfaction of riding bikes freely. They bring together all levels of riders, pro, intermediate and rookie, as they all believe in a common cause. It is to build a healthy lifestyle, maintain their social responsibility and spread awareness for a better environment. 

SHC has a strong bond between them, filling their lives with the perfect fitness, joy, and happiness ratio. They are riders that not only inspire each other but also protect one another to prevent unfortunate situations. 


Having a bike crash is a sensitive situation and can make people lose their minds. But it is very necessary that you act in your full sense, keep the above points in mind and take all the necessary steps to avoid any complexity in future. However, if it is possible to avoid the situation, you must do it without a second thought!

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