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Bicycle Safety Accessories for Safe Pedaling

Here’s an overview of the best bicycle safety accessories you can get in order to make your bike rides safer.

Bicycle Safety Accessories for Safe Pedaling
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Most people think of bike accessories from the primary perspective of improving rider safety, accessories can also improve a rider’s comfort, make riding more convenient, and even simply enhance a rider’s individuality and sense of style when out and about on their bike.

Here’s an overview of the best bicycle safety accessories you can get in order to make your bike rides safer:


Helmets are certainly the number one thing that most people, even those outside the biking community, know are an essential accessory to ensure the safety of the rider should an accident happen.

Helmets do afford some protection in the event of a crash, but don’t think that strapping on a helmet automatically makes you “safe”. Being knowledgeable, alert, and well-equipped will go a lot farther toward protecting your life than simply strapping a helmet.


It seems obvious that having a good quality bike light should be considered an essential must-have accessory, but many riders neglect to purchase one until they start biking at night or the seasons begin to change and the days get shorter. This oversight is very dangerous as a biker at night without proper reflective gear and lights is all but invisible to passing cars, which vastly increases the chances a rider will be hit by the motorists they share the road with.

Wireless Bicycle Turn signal

Those bold red brake lights sure would come in handy. Luckily, This easy-mounting light system lets you signal your turns without taking your hands off the handlebars, avoiding falls that result in the car behind you running you over. You won’t have to test your balancing skills with the Wireless Bicycle Turn Signal.


In many ways, the headlight you choose is potentially more important than your tail light. This is because you’re much more likely to get hit from the front, or from the side. When cars approach you from behind, they approach you slower and if you have reflectors that’s usually enough to ensure that you will be seen from the rear. Thus, the primary danger to a rider is usually from front and side collisions with vehicles. The likelihood of these collisions can be reduced quite simply by simply purchasing a headlight.

Sun Protection

Rain, hail or shine, it is important to make sure you are protecting yourself from harmful UV rays.

When going on a bike ride, particularly during Summer, lather yourself in sunscreen, pop on a hat and some sunglasses to keep you sun safe

Pump or Mini inflator

Carrying a pump in your bag may not seem like a good idea, but these are vital for any long bike ride. A flat tire can happen and you want to be prepared in case it does.

A mini bike pump or inflator is small enough to fit in your pocket or it can be attached to your bottle cage with some clips.

Turn Signal cycling gloves

Many cyclists use biking gloves to prevent wear and tear on their palms. Biking with blisters is no fun at all, but neither is having an accident on the roadways with cars or other cyclists. This allows you to keep a firm grip on the handlebars while alerting others to your upcoming turn.

Spokeherd advices you to invest in these pieces and enjoy safer rides.

Happy cycling!

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