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Can you get fit on an Electric Bike?

Apart from the usual cycles, e-bikes have an electric motor, a battery, and a display screen. It is the motor that aids the pedals and pushes the bike further.

Can you get fit on an Electric Bike?
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Health and fitness were tested to the limits during the pandemic. With the gyms closed, everyone wanted an alternative measure to maintain their fitness levels. This saw an increased number of people opting for cycles. Apart from being an excellent form of cardiovascular activity, it was also a great way to get some fresh air. This further gave rise to a whole new trend of electric bikes.

In short, we at Spoke Herd believe it to have the potential to revamp the cycling culture in India. It can be the push, cycling needed to be adopted by the masses. 

Alongside, the question arose — Will they serve our fitness goals? 

To answer this, let us first find out what makes e-bikes different from a regular bike.

Apart from the usual cycles, e-bikes have an electric motor, a battery, and a display screen. It is the motor that aids the pedals and pushes the bike further. E-bikes give you the same experience as that of a traditional one, but with additional power and speed.

Now you may think that this steals cyclists from physical stress, thereby reducing the fitness benefits. But, no. Despite being easier to ride, E-bikes are a healthy way forward. 


Easier to build the habit of cycling

It is undoubtedly an easier way to get back to cycling if you have been out of touch for years. Also, there will be a sizable number of people who have not done it due to a health condition or aging. They can easily switch to assistance mode if it tires them out. 

It is an amazing initiative to get back to mainstream cycling. Even the pedal-assisted bike requires one to pedal and in turn engages their muscles and joints. Therefore, without the absolute stress of traditional cycling, it still contributes to your health. 

Commute-friendly and Cost-effective 

Since it is faster, many people are shifting to e-bikes from cars or other modes of transport. There is no need to extract a separate hour out of busy schedules. It is easier to ride an e-bike because of its speed and efficiency. However, this doesn’t mean you will burn fewer calories as well. 

Due to the distance involved, it will be equal to the regular bike. Commuting becomes a lot healthier this way. And how about the cost benefits? This can be seen as an absolute win-win situation.

Ease of cycling in rough terrains

Sometimes there is a lot of resistance to opt for cycles as a mode of commute if the terrain is a challenge. But since e-bikes are motor-powered, they are easier to propel. So there are fewer excuses to keep you away from working out.

And if you develop an interest in cycling over time, e-bikes can help in the transition to more advanced experiences. Off-road cycling or long-distance cycling is a possibility with e-bikes.

Assists in building a stable core

E-bikes are heavier than regular ones. So, riding without assistance mode or with a less powerful setting will create an extensive workout. Moreover, it is healthy for core muscles as it engages them throughout the ride. This benefits the cyclist with a solid core and balance. 

Similar to how a strong foundation is a must for the stability of the building, a stable core is important for your body’s optimum functionality. 

Aids Weight Loss

E-bikes help to keep obesity in check. For those on a heavier side fret at the thought of a physical exercise. They think it’s going to exhaust them and harm their heart. On the flip side, it is a much better way to lose those extra pounds and get back in shape. 

Not just that, it brings down the cholesterol and sugar content in the body to healthier levels. In case of excessive exhaustion, they can just turn on motor pedals and keep going without getting discouraged.


Opting for e-bikes is beneficial for people of all ages. Irrespective of prior health conditions or purpose, e-bikes cater to all needs efficiently. It is an ideal substitute for more strenuous forms of workouts, thereby reducing the risk of injuries. 

Furthermore, we believe e-bikes are the future. Hence, investing in one of them shall benefit you in a plethora of ways. 

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