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Cycling to work -Environment, Health and Financial Benefits

Riding your bicycle to work is a win-win situation!

Cycling to work -Environment, Health and Financial Benefits
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Riding your bicycle to work is a win-win situation! Or should we say win-win-win-win situation! Confused? We are talking about how cycling your way to work can help you grow kinder to your environment, your health as well as your financial well-being. 

You can be an active contributor in taking care of your surroundings, end up saving a lot of money and enjoy health benefits to improve your overall style of living. 

Let’s look at the three parameters Spoke Herd has listed to visualize a greater picture of cycling here:

1. Environmental Benefits of Cycling

More vehicles hit the roads, the more it causes air and noise pollution. Commuting to work occasionally on a bicycle, especially if it does not take you more than 20-30 minutes to reach the office, is one of the biggest steps to start making a difference towards the environment. You can ride a bike instead of taking along your car, bike, or even those electric scooters unless and until it’s an absolute emergency. 

Cycling all the way to work does not emit any harmful gases like smog or chemicals that arise out of petrol or diesel caused every single day by billions of vehicles. When you choose to commute to work on a bicycle, you are in no need to take care of its fueling, changing its motor oil or batteries which is a good step towards being considerate of the environment. 

Some parts of India are already converting into a gas chamber, everyone must do their bit as responsible citizens. It does not matter if the impact is less, what matters is taking the initiative to start making a change. 

2. Health Benefits of Cycling

When it comes to the health benefits of cycling, the list does not have an end. From your physical, mental, and emotional health, cycling takes care of it all. Cycling every day for even 30 minutes can have a huge impact on how your body looks and feels within a couple of months. 

Adhering to a cycling routine makes you highly fit, helps you with weight loss, making your muscles grow stronger, and helps build endurance and strength. In addition to this, you also feel less anxious after every bike ride, you notice a sense of satisfaction and happiness after every workout which keeps you in a cheerful mood throughout the day. 

It also helps you curb or minimize the risks of certain conditions like heart attacks, cancer, arthritis, etc. When you realize cycling does so much good to your body physically and mentally, you end up getting a good night’s sleep every single day which is super important for your overall well-being. 

3. Financial Benefits of Cycling

Putting your money in a good quality bicycle is a one-time investment that goes easy on your wallet for a long time. Starting from saving on petrol, diesel, and gas it also requires less maintenance in comparison to what an automobile would ask for. You will agree that an automobile’s maintenance spikes every year as and when it gets depreciated. 

In addition to this, you also get to save on your transportation expenses which constitute the major part of your monthly budgets. It isn’t a compulsion to ride every single day on your bicycle to get rid of your vehicles, but this is to make you familiar with how it’s not at all a bad choice to make a switch once in a while. It encourages you to strike a balance and enjoy the best of both worlds and save you small bucks occasionally for the future.

To Sum It Up,

Don’t shy away from taking your bicycle for a spin. You won’t regret using it every once in a while. Once you start cycling moderately daily, you will notice yourself making a big difference.

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