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Essential Things to Pack for Bicycle Touring

Before you go on a bicycle tour, you must make sure you have packed all the necessities.

Essential Things to Pack for Bicycle Touring
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Before you go on a bicycle tour, you must make sure you have packed all the necessities. You should include everything you need to feel comfortable on the bicycle, carry all the goods, tackle mechanical issues and relax. The list of things you will need to pack depends on the length of your tour and the place you go to. 

If you are tired of your boring life routine and want to break away for a few days, then rolling away on two wheels can be very liberating.

A few Essentials to be mindful about:

A list of a few essential Bike Accessories for Long-Distance Touring

You would also need to bring Important Documents along with you, such as your:

Planning to go on a Bicycle tour? Spoke Herd brings to you a list of must haves you should adhere to.

Always Pack light: Try to limit yourself to a carry-on bag. If you’re not sure if your suitcase is too heavy, carry it a couple of blocks at a fast clip, or up a flight of stairs without stopping. If you’re uncomfortable, it’s too heavy.

A few ways to make the most of limited packing space:

Use front panniers for frequently used items: Front panniers are easier to get into than rear panniers. This makes them as a great place for things like food and drinks for the duration, a first-aid kit for emergency, bike tools for repairs and any clothing you might want quick access to.

Put bulky as well as lightweight items in your back racks: A tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pad are commonly strapped to the back rack. You can leave these items in the stuff sacks and strap them on to your bicycle, but many tourers prefer to put the sleeping bag and pad in a waterproof dry sack or duffel bag, lay the sack or bag across the top of the rear panniers and strap it to their rear rack.

Put smaller, heavier items in the front of the bicycle: This advice works majorly on the style of the front rack you have. Things like a pair of sandals or a bundled-up jacket are good options.

Pack only the necessary repair tools: Before pedaling away onto your bike tour, you should be equipped with the know-how and tools to fix a flat tire, tighten a loose bolt or replace a broken spoke. But most riders don’t need the skills or tools to handle rare big failures.

Put everything back in its place: The key to remembering which pannier you put your rain jacket in when it starts to pour or where your snacks are when you just can’t pedal one more stroke without eating is to develop a packing system where everything has a place.

Leave a little empty space: Rather than filling your panniers and/or cargo trailer to the brim at home, leaving a little empty space makes it easier to pack and allows you to pick up supplies along your way, like food and souvenirs.

Let the ride teach you, learn as you go: There’s no one right way to pack for bike touring, so with each bike trip you go on, you have the opportunity to refine what to bring and the way you pack. Even experienced bike tourers will reflect on what worked and what didn’t, and to make changes before heading out again.

With a little guidance you’ll be able to pack your things so they remain accessible during the ride without greatly impacting the stability and performance of your bike.

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