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How to Choose the Perfect Mask for Cyclists?

For cyclists, masks are often synonymous with discomfort.

How to Choose the Perfect Mask for Cyclists?
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For cyclists, masks are often synonymous with discomfort. It adds to the heavy breathing and sweat; a fatiguing cyclist has to endure. However, owing to the pandemic, masks are now non-negotiable. Furthermore, they become even more important for cyclist’s courtesy of rising pollution levels in the cities. 

So, we cannot avoid wearing masks. But, we at Spoke Herd can ease your lives a little. So, rather than avoiding them, what if we find an ideal one that keeps us protected and comfortable at the same time? 

Before that, let us find out why the requirements for masks grow each passing day. 

Is there a need for masks for cyclists?

Absolutely yes. The pandemic has stalled the world. And an integral solution lies in wearing masks to prevent the spread of the virus. 

Also, wearing masks during cycling helps to fight against the growing pollution without hampering the smooth movement of cyclists. Dust, pollen, and smoke — overlooked elements but are potent in harming the cyclists’ health. 

And cyclists are exposed to smoke emitted from vehicles which can affect their respiratory health.

Irrespective of non-peak hours or less crowded routes, the carbon suspended in the air poses a huge risk. This precautionary measure is necessary to tackle such issues, especially in urban cities.

Designed to keep away foreign particles, masks are a basic necessity for cyclists.

How to choose a mask for cyclists?

We don’t look for fashionable ones when looking for pollution masks for cyclists. Functionality is of utmost importance. It is usually felt that a multiple layer mask acts as an effective shield but while cycling, a single layer is ideal to prevent suffocation. That’s why there are certain additional requirements to look at while you search for a perfect mask.


One must look for an N95 or N99 US government-certified mask since they give you a high level of protection from even the minute particles. Is it a compulsion? No. But, is it advisable? Absolutely yes. 

A certified mask also provides a sense of security while wearing and you need not doubt its efficacy.

Right Fit:

Another factor crucial to buying a mask is the right fit for the face. A loose mask can cancel out the benefits by keeping you exposed to the pollutants. Whereas, a tight one can make breathing a challenge normally and even more if you are climbing uphill.

They come with two options- one with the behind-the-nose straps and the other with behind the head straps. Now, among these two, there is no clear winner with regards to safety. Hence, choosing one among them boils down to personal comfort.

Eco-friendly masks:

The disposability of masks is varied. There are those which can be replaced and those otherwise. Replaceable ones are much more convenient but less environmentally friendly. On the contrary, non-replaceable ones come with an in-built filter. This poses a lesser risk to the environment along with being cost-effective.


Valves, although optional, are a great benefit when we consider breathability. There are few masks fitted with valves on both sides helping air to flow in and out of the masks without letting the pollutants enter the mask. It keeps the heat from accumulating and keeps it spacious to facilitate comfortable breathing.


Masks have been a constant in our lives for the past year and a half. But, for cycling, wearing a mask is still up for debate. With this articulation, Spoke Herd truly believes that cyclists must wear masks during their rides. Yes, the first few times, it shall be uncomfortable. However, the benefits easily outweigh the discomfort. So, choose the right one for you and cycle safely.

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