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How to Choose the Right Bicycle for Your Kid?

The bike your kid will like will mostly depend on the trail they are travelling and the purpose for which they want the bike.

How to Choose the Right Bicycle for Your Kid?
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It can be great excitement for parents to buy their kid’s first bike but a lot more pressure when so many decisions have to be taken along with it. There are several two-wheeler options available for young cyclist, from balance bikes for small rides to mountain bikes with robust front suspension. Plus, it comes with many options like a bike with gears and hand brakes or a bike with just one speed and coaster brakes. 

The bike your kid will like will mostly depend on the trail they are travelling and the purpose for which they want the bike. This means whether they want to ride mountain trails or racing tracks or roads. 

Also, if your kid love riding bike and takes interest in participating in cycling events, you must introduce them to the Spoke Herd community. 

What is Spoke Herd Community?

Spoke Herd is an all-in-one platform that brings all the cyclist enthusiast in one place, no matter beginner, intermediate or advanced. They provide the opportunity to people to participate in the most vibrant cyclist event, which actively promotes young hearts, healthy life, environmental improvement and social responsibility. SHC aim to provide people with the exhilarating experience of exploring the city on two-wheelers. 

Tips for choosing the best bicycle for your child

There are certain things that you need to consider while choosing the perfect bicycle for your kid.

These mainly include the following:

Your child’s height

One of the major factors to consider to select the perfect size of the bike is your child’s height. It is easy to learn how to ride a bicycle when a kid feels the bike is comfortable to ride. As a result, your kid will learn how to ride the bike faster and better. The size of the bike usually varies from 10 to 24 inches. So, depending on your child’s height, you can choose the right bike for him/her. 

Measure the inseam

Another point to cover before you choose a bike for your kid is the size of the inseam. To make sure that it fits with your kid’s height, ask him to stand barefoot against a wall. Now take a book and ask your kid to hold it between his/her leg and as close to the crotch as possible. Measure the length of the spot so attained from the floor. The measure you get is the length of the inseam you must look for in the bike. It’s important to find a bike that correctly fits the measure as it is quite dangerous for your child to ride a bike that is too big for them. 

Always select a lightweight bike

Many bikes available in the market are ridiculously heavy, which are often difficult for kids to handle. In fact, these bikes are as much as 50% of their body weight and are also heavy than adult bikes. So, if you want to select the right bicycle for your child, you need to pick the most lightweight one. 

When kids feel their bike is too heavy for them to ride, its often exhausting and hard for them to maneuver. So, it’s better to choose a bicycle made of aluminium or titanium frame as it is much lighter in comparison. However, this does not mean you completely write off the steel. This is because steel is required for sturdiness and quality. 

Check the safety

None of the parents wants to compromise their joy of watching their children riding their bike independently with the thought of what if they fall? This is why you need to put your attention on the safety factors of the bicycles from before. Make sure the bike has a sturdy frame, non-toxic pain, good-quality brakes and other safety factors. Another way of ensuring that the bike is safe for your child is by selecting a bike from a company that holds the highest safety standard. 


The points mentioned above will make sure you choose the perfect bicycle for your kid. It will give them the confidence, ease and power to ride the bike whenever and wherever they want. It will also allow them to participates in different events like the Spoke Herd community event and other racing events. 

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