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How to Cycle Safe in Monsoon Season

If you are a cycling enthusiast, the monsoons might intrigue you a little more to go out, take the pleasure of the rains and cycle your way to unknown destinations.

How to Cycle Safe in Monsoon Season
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Monsoons are the favorite season for many people. People enjoy the rains and the weather that the rains create. If you are a cycling enthusiast, the monsoons might intrigue you a little more to go out, take the pleasure of the rains and cycle your way to unknown destinations. For people who love to cycle the weather is never a stopping element. Cycling is that one sport which you can indulge in throughout the year. However, if you go out cycling during the monsoons, then there are a few things that you must check, keep in mind, and follow.

These things will help you to cycle safely even during the monsoons. 


Tips for Safe Cycling during Monsoons

You would not want to fall in trouble while you intend to have some fun. Right? This is the reason why you should read this blog. This blog will tell you what you should do, what you must wear, and what the essentials to carry when you plan to go on a cycle ride during the monsoon. These tips will help you to stay safe during the monsoon cycle rides.

1.     Note the Weather

The weather is the first and foremost determinant of the fact whether you should go out cycling or not. Check the weather conditions and the predicted weather conditions on the weather app installed on your phone. This will help you to understand if it is suitable for you to go cycling or not. However, if you see that there are extreme predictions or the current weather is not good then going out for cycling is not suggested. Checking the weather conditions before you go cycling will also help you to understand what are the things that you need to carry with you in case there is an emergency. It will prepare you in the best way so that you can go out and cycle safely.


2.     Check for Repairs

Having your cycle in the right condition is a must when you are planning to go for a ride in the monsoons. You will have to keep your cycle tires inflated with the right amount of air. The air pressure should be set right. Neither too little air nor too much air is good for the tires if you are planning for a ride during the monsoons. Either of the two will spoil your ride. Carrying an extra tube and a cycle pump would be the best thing you can do to ensure that the ride is safe. Also, carry a basic tool kit with you when going out during the monsoons. This will prove to be very handy for you.


3.     Take the Essentials

Monsoons are very unpredictable. Sometimes it may rain so much that it will wash off everything, other times, it might just make the weather foggy. However, being a cycling enthusiast, you must keep yourself prepared for such weather conditions. You can use wheel reflectors. This will help you to get noticed even if the weather is foggy. Is very safe and people will be able to spot you from afar. Using an LED light in front of your cycle is another thing that you can implement for going on a safe cycle ride during the monsoons. These lights will give you a clear view of the road and the things that are there in front of you.


4.     Self-Protection from the Weather

The helmet is the basic protection that you need. Wearing a helmet is not determined by a season. You will need to wear a helmet whenever you go for a cycle ride. This will help to keep the head protected if there is an accident. In case of riding during the monsoons, wear a cap inside the helmet. This will help to keep the water off your eyes. Wearing water-resistant clothes is a must if you plan to go cycling in the monsoons. Wear water-resistant shorts so that pedaling is easier. Also, wear shoes that will not irritate. You can only cycle safely if your feet are irritation-free.

5.     Follow the Traffic Signals

Traffic rules are the basis for any kind of riding. This is the most important thing that you need to follow if you want to have a safe ride. Even if you see that the roads are empty but there is a traffic light that tells you to stop and wait, then do that. Remember it is better to be safe than sorry. As a good cyclist, you know what speed limit to maintain in case of weather like a monsoon. Therefore, maintain that speed liming and stick to the left while cycling. 


Cycling is one of the best forms of relaxation, especially for people who love it. There are no strict restrictions that you cannot cycle when it is raining outside. You can do that. However, you must make sure to follow these rules while you are cycling in the monsoons. These rules will help you to cycle safely during such weather.

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