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How to Find The Perfect Saddle?

The relationship between the cyclist and the saddle can become a one way track that results in resentment. It can take a lot of time – and a lot of money – to find a saddle that works perfectly for you.

How to Find The Perfect Saddle?
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The relationship between the cyclist and the saddle can become a one way track that results in resentment. It can take a lot of time – and a lot of money – to find a saddle that works perfectly for you.

However, what’s more of a concern here is if you do not put in the effort to find the perfect saddle based on your cycling routines and body type, it can scar your physical health and may not allow you the liberty to cycle ever again. And we bet you don’t want to encounter that nightmare ever in your life.

So to save you from such unpleasant experiences and possible surgeries because of the lack of awareness, we are going to cover everything in this blog to make your life easier. 

1. Find A Saddle With An Appropriate Shape

In reality, everyone is different, so there is no standard saddle that fits everyone. In fact, your saddle depends on your gender. Usually women enjoy wider saddles because they are designed for the female anatomy.

 A good shape also depends on how you cycle. Are you a roadie who loves to climb mountains on your bike, preparing for a cycling marathon or just a casual outing? It’s crucial to find one that fits your cycling style and habits like a glove.

2. Question Yourself How Flexible Are You

How flexible are you? Most people should be able to touch their own knees. Some can even bend backwards to touch their feet. To measure your flexibility, try this experiment: Sit on the ground and reach as far as you can with your hands. 

Cyclists with lower flexibility and/or generally more rounded builds should choose a saddle with more rounded contours. Cyclists with higher flexibility and/or generally less muscular builds should choose a saddle with flat contours. If you sit on your bike in a certain way, you should pay attention to how your saddle fits you. That way, you won’t get pressure points or chafing. So better pay attention to that!

3. Saddle Height Is Crucial, Make Sure It’s Of the Right Height

Now that you’ve found a good cycling saddle, the next step is to make sure the height is right. This helps with efficiency and prevents issues from arising. The most important element in setting the saddle height is to have it set so that you can be comfortable while pedaling.

You’ve found the perfect saddle height: give it a go and see if you can spot any improvements to your physical condition and cycling experience. Also, adjusting your seat height is a key element of setting up a new bike correctly for optimum performance and comfort.

4. Start Dressing Up Correctly For Your Cycling Session

Not just any pajamas or shorts, but good quality bib shorts are a must. Just like with other cycling accessories, it’s important to select a decent pair of bib shorts. Wearing a decent pair is crucial to maximizing comfort. A good bib short shouldn’t be too baggy, shouldn’t have irritating seams and should be made of antibacterial fabric.

5. Saddle Position Cannot & Should Not Be Overlooked

Checking the angle of your saddle is an easy way to ensure that you’re comfortable. Make sure your saddle is level. A saddle that is too far forward will cause discomfort for your horse, and a saddle that is too far back will cause discomfort for you.

If you’re too far back, you’re more prone to neck and shoulder pain. If you’re too forward, your lower back will hurt and you’ll get numb arms because of the pressure on your hands. If you fail to adjust the height of your bike’s saddle, this can affect how you feel while riding.

Wrapping It Up

When you arrange your saddle, be sure to adjust it properly! Take a ride on your bike and see how it feels.

On that note, take your bike out for a spin and enjoy!

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