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How to Fix a Puncture of a Bicycle?

Professional help is always an option but, learning a new skill gives you an edge. For those who ride cycles rarely, seeking help for repairs might make sense.

How to Fix a Puncture of a Bicycle?
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Let us all just accept that cycling is a blissful activity. It gets the blood flowing; it also teases the competitive element in a person. Coupling these with the many health benefits it provides, cycling is an activity where downsides are so few. However, things can go wrong and one common thing that we at Spoke Herd have observed is tire puncture. Getting stuck in the middle of a road with a flat tire is a worse position. Unless you know how to fix it yourself, frustration is your friend. Although many people are shifting towards tubeless technology, the benefits are well known. But for those still not familiar with it, you can learn how to fix tires with tubes in case of a puncture.

Importance of Learning a New Skill

Professional help is always an option but, learning a new skill gives you an edge. For those who ride cycles rarely, seeking help for repairs might make sense. But for those using bicycles for everyday commute, it becomes a rewarding skill to imbibe. It can save money as well prevent unnecessary repeated trips to the mechanic.

There is nothing complex about it. You don’t need a degree, trust us. With a set of simple tools and little practice, you can perfect this skill in no time. What’s more, you will be independent to take on the roads without the fear of a puncture.

Tools Required

You can either reuse the inner tube or replace it with a new one. There is not much need to fix a puncture in case of replacing the old inner tube with a new one. Here are a few tools which will come in handy:

Also, find below few extra items required to patch an old inner tube:

Steps to Fix a Puncture

Remove punctured tire –

After loosening the brake, the first step is to use a lever or a spanner to remove the punctured tire from its frame. Next, unscrew the valve and take the left-out air from the tire if any. Using two levers detach the tire from the wheel rim. Now pull out the tube and keep it aside. You can either repair the tube or replace it with the new one.

Repairing the Tube –

If you opt for repairing the current tube, run your hand through the entire tire to find any foreign objects. Same way, try to locate the puncture on the tube by running your hand or squeezing it. If it doesn’t work out, here is a common trick. Put it in water and keep an eye out for bubbles, spot them to understand where the holes are. Now using sandpaper, roughen the spot. Once it dries, stick a patch using old tire pieces.  

Fit back the tube – 

Inflate the tube and start fitting it back on the rim so that it holds shape using a pump. After inflating, place it inside the tire.

Push the bead into the rim and as you keep going when you get to the valve push both the beads into the rim together. And then? Hop on your cycle and ride along. 


Apart from the skill of fixing a puncture, this articulation also emphasizes the need for discipline during cycling. Spoke Herd has seen several cyclists who fail to carry the basic tools. Please carry the necessary tools and avoid being ‘that person’ who everyone despises. 

We at Spoke Herd believe that habituating this and learning the skill will help in being a more disciplined cyclist.

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