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How to Make Your Car Bike Rack?

By installing a bike rack onto your car, you can continue to travel around town on the cheap and using alternative modes of transport.

How to Make Your Car Bike Rack?
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If you are a responsible individual who cares about the environment and is looking for a way that is both cheap and eco-friendly to travel around town. Your car is a gas-guzzling mess of steel, and you’re simply not quite ready to say goodbye to it quite yet. However, to your relief, you don’t have to! By installing a bike rack onto your car, you can continue to travel around town on the cheap and using alternative modes of transport. 

Kinds Of Bike Racks to Choose From

Bike racks are excellent for bringing your bike with you on a road trip. There are several different types of bike racks to choose from, including trunk, roof, and hitch mounted varieties. Trunk mounted bike racks fit in the trunk of your vehicle without taking up much space at all. Roof mounted bike racks use crossbars that can be attached to the top of a vehicle in order to safely store and transport bikes. Hitch mounted bike racks lock into place on the hitch trailer on a truck or SUV making it easy for them to carry multiple bikes without worrying about safety or theft risk.

How to Create a Bike Rack the Quick and Easy Way!

Need to transport your bike long distances, but can’t carry it by yourself? Try making your own car bike rack!

Find a car bike rack that fits your car and your bike, and put the bike on top of the rack. Then, drive off! That is literally the simplest way of doing it. But we know this might have sounded so simple but at the same time hard to follow without instructions!

So here is a detailed explanation to make your own bike rack from your car rather than spending money on an expensive rack.

> First, remove your car’s hood ornament.

> After that, purchase a few feet of rubber piping for garden hoses.

> Drill a hole into the hood ornament and place the piping through it.

> Glue the pipe to the underside of the hood.

> Next, you have to place the hooks on the piping. You can buy them at a hardware store. 

> Attach the base of the hooks to the piping.

> Finally, put the hooks on your car and you’re ready to go on long bike rides.

Note: While installing a trailer hitch on your vehicle with a wrench is pretty straightforward, it’s often nice to have a hitch carrier for bikes over which you don’t need to use any tools. They are simple to install and not too difficult to put together either. You will find that it will vary according to the type/brand of bike rack you purchase, but in general they are easy to use no matter what kind of vehicle you end up using them on.

The Bottom Line

Having a bike rack on your car is truly dependable and useful for those who love outdoor sports. You can carry your bicycle in your car and travel anywhere with the bicycle. Though you have two choices of bike racks on the market, you could decide to build your own bike rack. It is a really fun and interesting project. You will get the chance to build a new car bike rack that is more convenient for you.

We hope you enjoyed Spokeherd’s article on how to make your own bike rack! We love biking and hope that by sharing this article with you all, we are able to encourage more people to bike more!

If you have any questions on how to make your own bike rack, feel free to contact us anytime!

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