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How To Spot Which Type Of Cyclist Are You?

There are few varieties of cyclists. There are mountain bikers, road bikers, and BMXers. Mountain bikers are the people who usually ride through the woods and mountains.

How To Spot Which Type Of Cyclist Are You?
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There are many types of cyclists and different reasons why they choose to cycle. Some do it for the exercise, while others prefer the speed and agility. Many do it for the sense of freedom – it gets them out in the world and clear headed. And the best thing of all? Cyclists get to enjoy the outdoors.

There are few varieties of cyclists. There are mountain bikers, road bikers, and BMXers. Mountain bikers are the people who usually ride through the woods and mountains. They are usually people who enjoy the thrill of speed, becoming one with nature, and the strength they have to keep earning. 

Road bikers enjoy riding on smooth concrete that is designed for their kind. They are usually people who love the feeling of speed and the freedom you get when you are on your bike. 

BMXers enjoy the stunts and tricks you can do on your bike. They are usually people who are fearless and enjoy the dangerous thrills that come with having a bike.

But to categorise all the cyclists in the world, there are broadly five types. Go through the list below and find out which one you are!

1. The Climbers

Climbing is an important part of cycling. Climbers need to have physically fit legs and strong core muscles. Climbers use a special type of bicycle to move up steep terrain. The bicycle is light and strong. It has an aerodynamic design and a small chain ring, which means less pedaling but quicker climbing. The climber cyclist also needs to have an excellent sense of balance because the bicycle is not as stable as a regular one.

A climber wears a short sleeved jersey, a helmet, and a pair of sunglasses to protect him from dust and sun glare.

2. The Sprinters

Sprinter cyclists are well-known for their impressive speed during races and for their ability to maintain this speed throughout a race. Most sprinter cyclists are less concerned with long-distance riding, unless it is for a short stretch during a race. Additionally, sprinter cyclists focus on their diet and health, as a sprinter bicycle is notorious for being very physically demanding. With a sprinter bicycle, a cyclist needs to be physically fit to be able to handle it. Most sprinter cyclists enjoy racing and are not satisfied with the bicycle itself. They need to be physically fit enough to be able to handle the speed of the bicycle.

3. The Riders

Cyclists love the outdoors. The rush of wind coming off the ocean can be exhilarating and the perfect way to get away from city stress. The culture of cycling is so important, and having the right gear makes a big difference in how comfortable and enjoyable your experience is. A good bicycle rider will often have the build of a sprinter, but oftentimes they can also reach impressive cadences for several minutes at a time to help them overtake the pack. A bicycle rider is very efficient when it comes to time trials.

4. The Puncher/Puncheur

Punchers are a kind of reckless cyclist. The Puncher has the ability to fight with enemy machines, they have the ability to be a good protector for the weak. Every Puncher should have a master. While a Puncher is a rider that is skilled with combat, they shouldn’t be reckless, they should know their limits.

Most Punchers have a motorcycle that is specially made for them.

5. All-Rounder Cyclist

​​An all-rounder cyclist is a cycling enthusiast who loves to ride all kinds of bikes. Mountain bikers, road bikers, cyclo-cross bikers and many more, all love to ride the bike they are passionate about.

In contrast to the professional cyclists, such as the riders of the Tour de France, who are very specialized and only ride on a limited amount of terrains, all-rounder cyclists can ride all kinds of bikes because of their passion for cycling and their love for the sport.

Get, Set And Cycle!

All types of bicyclists are all over the world. Some of the more common ones are commuters, touring cyclists and mountain bikers. Commuters are usually people that ride bikes to and from work everyday. 

Touring cyclists go on long trips, sometimes using their bikes as a means of transportation within a city or between cities. Mountain bikers ride bikes with wide tires and handlebars for a more off road experience. 

Thanks for reading our article on the different types of cyclists in the world. Spokeherd hopes that you have been inspired to try a new cycling sport that you never thought you would try before!

If you have any questions about different types of cycles, feel free to contact us anytime or drop a comment below! 

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