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Importance of Cycling Reflectors at Night

Are late nights stopping you from getting onto the saddle?

Importance of Cycling Reflectors at Night
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Are late nights stopping you from getting onto the saddle? Well, given that riding in the late hours is a pleasurable experience, it is highly recommended everyone tries it. The foremost concern of riding at night time is the safety aspect which is also SpokeHerd’s first priority. 

That’s where reflectors come in handy and are one of the most prominent safety devices needed to ride safely at night.

What are Cycling Reflectors?

They are prism-based devices. Reflectors can be attached to the front, pedals, wheels, and also the rear of a bicycle. They work on the principle of retroreflection. When any light strikes the prism, it is redirected after meeting the inside mirror surfaces. This makes the vehicle visible to everyone else on the road. This is a massive advantage when riding in the night, as visibility of cycles is minimal without light.

Importance of Reflectors

Protect yourself and others on the road: 

A lot of times the excuse for crashing into someone is the other person or vehicle was not visible at all. So reflectors eliminate that chance by making others on the road recognize you easily. And given the thin frame of cycles and the negligible space occupied on the road, reflectors become all the more important. 

Excellent Supplement for Head and Rear Light: 

Reflectors are often considered to be a replacement for headgear and LED lights. But the truth is that they complement the LED lights and provide an extra layer of protection. So, equipping yourself with both lights and reflectors is ideal for your safety.

Great help during foggy days: 

As the winter sets in, early mornings and evenings find their best friend in the fog. Foggy settings reduce the visibility of vehicles on the roads. Here, reflectors are a great savior as they shield cyclists on gloomy rides.

And of course, there can be occasions when your headlights are not charged enough. In those situations, these reflectors can be your savior for sure. 

Varieties of Reflectors

Along with the general cycling reflectors that we know of, we can use reflectors as add-ons for gloves, jackets, and even helmets. They provide additional safety and keep fellow riders and bikers aware of your presence on the road. The glove reflectors prove to be tremendously useful while taking turns as you can use your hands to show directions.

Apart from the front, rear, and pedal reflectors, there are spoke reflectors available in the market now as well. They fit into the spokes of your bicycle’s wheels and with the wheel’s rotation, your visibility increases. While riding in cities with crossroads, this is an absolute lifesaver. 


The only prerequisite for these reflectors to work is there should be light for them to reflect. Apart from vehicles, pedestrians and animals are also present on the roads. In this case, reflectors will be less functional as there will be no light to reflect on them.

But, do not let this flaw supersede all the vital advantages of having cycling reflectors. 

With time, reflectors are growing into a mandatory prerequisite for cyclists. So, equipping your cycle or your outfit with quality reflectors is highly recommended. And with reflectors, there will be no more excuses to not embrace the calmness of night rides.

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