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Indoor vs Outdoor Cycling – Which Is Better?

While there may be specific pros and cons attached to each of the forms, it ultimately boils down to what you love and enjoy the most.

Indoor vs Outdoor Cycling – Which Is Better?
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First things first, cycling in any environment is better than no cycling at all. But does it bother you and keeps you guessing if there is any difference between outdoor cycling and indoor cycling? Do you often feel like switching from outdoor to indoor cycling sessions or vice-versa? Which one do you think proves to be a better pick for your physical health?  

Well, there is only one right answer to these questions and that is- it totally depends on your individual preference. 

While there may be specific pros and cons attached to each of the forms, it ultimately boils down to what you love and enjoy the most. 

So before you make a final decision, let’s evaluate and try to answer these three important questions attached with the two forms of biking for you to make an informed choice: –

1. Which Cycling Form Is A Great Calorie Burner?

It does not come as a shock that the strength and intensity you put to paddle and the force you exert on your overall lower body is comparatively higher when cycling indoors than cycling indoors on a stationary bike. 

Cycling outside requires you to go against the friction of the steep hills and rough roads which exert enormous pressure on your thighs and legs. It makes your hip, pelvis, calves, and quadriceps work more rigorously and intensely for the overall calorie-burning mechanism of your body. 

So when it comes to burning calories, outdoor cycling takes the lead. That happens when you push yourself to speed up your paddling, sweat profusely because of the exterior environmental conditions, and change the pace according to the roads and hills you choose as your lanes to cycle better and faster. 

According to research conducted by Harvard University, a person riding a bike indoors for at least 30 minutes burns 260 calories while biking outdoors in the open burns 391 calories for 30 minutes. 

2. Which Cycling Workout Is More Comfortable, Feasible & Convenient?

When it’s about comfort and convenience, indoor cycling is an obvious pick for most cyclists. Indoor cycling has various advantages as compared to outdoor cycling. 

To start with, you do not need to carry a spare tube in case your tyre punctures, which also requires you to have adequate knowledge on how to fix it! There are no frustrating traffic jams and halts which makes your ride less pleasurable. You don’t encounter any major or minor road accidents that can lead to intense or mild injuries. On top of that, you save enough time on getting dressed, waking up early, and having breakfast in a hurry which by the way on the flip side, indoor cycling helps you begin with your cycling session immediately. 

However, if you want to make the most of indoor cycling, make sure to paddle fast and increase the duration of your workout. It will help you sweat, pump and would require you to put more strength which can prove to be an intense workout. 

3. Which Cycling Form Keeps Your Physical Health Robust?

As we concluded in the first point how you burn more calories with outdoor cycling, so that’s a little in sync with this point wherein you tend to be more physically fit when you cycle outside. 

The reason being, when you cycle outdoors you are not only in charge of paddling but also taking care of navigation, balancing your body, and keeping a track of speeding up and down according to the terrains you ride on. 

All of this multitasking leads to an increased heart rate and you sweat a lot wherein excess water in your body gets flushed out making you feel cool and bring your body temperature back to normal. It helps you burn more calories and use all the muscles in your body uniformly, which isn’t the case with indoor cycling on a stationary bike.  

Having said that, you should know, physical fitness completely depends on how seriously you take all your cycling sessions, be it indoors or outdoors. The more time you spend on a workout, the more you intensify the training, the more it will help your body achieve the fitness levels you strive for.

In Conclusion, There is nothing right or wrong when you choose to go with a cycling form that you think you can make the most out of. The best form is what brings the best version in you. 

Spoke Herd wishes you Happy Cycling!

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