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International cycling events

Here are some of the experiences that shouldn’t miss out and will help you make the best of cycling around the world!

International cycling events
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There are multiple cycling events coming up and you must pin these down, if you are looking forward to making experiences! Here are some of the experiences that shouldn’t miss out and will help you make the best of cycling around the world!

1.   World Track Championships: The UCI World Track Championships are organized on an annual basis and encompass events catering to various distances and disciplines in track cycling.

2.   Tour De France: This is one of the most high-profile bicycle races. Held particularly in France, this competition is held for three weeks every July and makes up for biking competitions around the world.

3.   Olympic Games Cycling: Cycling is more of an Olympic sport and has been in the highlights ever since the summer Olympic Games of 1896.

4.   World Road Championships: The UCI world track championships are held on an annual basis, consisting of 12 elite events and events for junior cyclists under 23 years of age.

5.   UCI World Cycling Championships: A novel event, talking about cycling that incorporates concocted cycling world championships that are to be held at one particular location. These championships are planned to be organized once, every four years starting from 2023.

6.   Cycling in Commonwealth games: While cycling is picked as one of the optional commonwealth sport, this sport sustains to stand in the list of the Commonwealth Games since the year 1934.

7.   Tour Down Under: Tour down under is a world class event, that is organized is South Australia and consists of six levels/stages. These levels make your trace beaches to classic vineyards, through the city of Adelaide and the regional towns of South Australia. If you are a cycling enthusiast and possess a knack for travelling places on a cycle, then this event might be for you!

While there might be multiple events to look forth in India, there are many events that you might not want to skip! We hope this helped! If you are a cycling enthusiast, these events are something that you can definitely look forward to and make the best of your sport!

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