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Know Your Tires: What are the different types of tires?

Choosing the best bike tire for your bike mostly depends on the road you will travel and the bike you are riding on.

Know Your Tires: What are the different types of tires?
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When it comes to choosing the best bike tire, there’s nothing like the word “wrong.” With the growing bike market, several new bike manufacturers and bike tire companies strive to assist you with different types of bike tires. Choosing the best bike tire for your bike mostly depends on the road you will travel and the bike you are riding on. As we know, the market has everything embedded in it, be it slim skinny tires or huge monster truck tires. Nothing to worry about because we have jotted down the types of different bike tires that you can choose for your bike based on their features.


Are you feeling excited to know more about it? If yes, let’s start with the list of different types of bike tires :


If you are looking to go for an adventure of rocky, muddy, and sandy terrain, you can choose the best bike tire: mountain bike tires. The tread pattern of the tire helps you get a grip on the irregular terrain and the cushier ride. Apart from this, the wider size of the bike tire assists the bike in rough and rocky surfaces. Additionally, the wider size allows more air which in turn acts as a shock absorber. The knobby mountain bike tires are made to provide you comfort on irregular surfaces of the mountain.


Also known as racing bike tires, these are best for racing purposes. Usually made for smooth roads, these bike tires help you go faster as compared to other bike tires. If you are looking to talk to the winds, then you must prefer road or racing bike tires. The air pressure, around 110-120 psi, is very high, allowing the bike to go through a smooth road. The features of bike tires, such as the absence of tread, thinner size, and high air pressure, make the bike go fast and give the rider an awesome feeling. If you have a passion for riding a bike, just like SpokeHerd Community/, you must try out these tires.


Also known as urban bike tires, these tires are specially designed for long hours of bike riding. Its excellent features help the rider to have an advantage of maximum grip and other more factors. For example, its features like kevlar lining, more tread, and reflective sidewalls help the rider enjoy several perks. Let’s dig deeper; kevlar lining helps resist cuts and punctures. Moreover, a great tread pattern helps to maximize grip, and reflective sidewalls help maximize the rider’s visibility.


The next bike tires that fall into our list are Gravel Bike and Cyclocross Tires. Its excellent features allow riders to enjoy multiple perks. In other words, we can say that it is a slimmed-down version of the mountain bike tires that we have discussed above. Furthermore, its lower-profile tread patterns help the rider with resistance and aggressive knobs to handle the road friction. If you want to join a group of great enthusiastic people, then SpokeHerd Community/SHC is the right place for you.


Balloon Tires are specially designed for Cruiser Bikes. Want to enjoy the ride to the beautiful beach with your bike? If your reaction is yes to this question, then you must try out the balloon tires. These tires come with wideness and lower air pressure, which helps the rider get comfort and pleasure with riding. Furthermore, the sand present on the beach can let your tire sink in it, but you don’t have to worry about sinking if you have balloon tires. Its wide and cushy tires assist the rider on sandy surfaces. One more perk that you get with balloon tires is their fancy and trendy colors.


As the name defines, these are the best bike tires for sports purposes. If you want to have the highest performance tires in your bike that has maximum grip, choose the sportbike tires right away. However, this bike tire is not suitable for riding in the rainy season. Low tread patterns and high torque sometimes cause a great slip. If you want to explore the unexplored, you must look at the SpokeHerd Community/SHC because it is a platform for all ages.


After you have got a piece of knowledge about the different types of tires available in the market, choosing the best bike tire will be an easy feat. Moreover, you can choose the bike tire by measuring diameter and width. Choose the bike tire according to your needs based on strength, performance, and durability. If you are looking to rent a bicycle or join the bike ride, without any doubt, go for SpokeHerd Community/SHC. Do let me know your reviews in the comment box!

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