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Places To Ride In Delhi On This Independence Day

Nothing is better than uniting the zeal of nationalism by watching the millennial lineage on Independence Day.

Places To Ride In Delhi On This Independence Day
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Nothing is better than uniting the zeal of nationalism by watching the millennial lineage on Independence Day. Delhi, prevailing as the center of all rebellious activities, plans on the eve of independence. Abiding in Delhi and not attending these historical places can enlist you in the list of criminals (not actually). To record freedom for the 75th time, it’s your job to explore all the places mentioned below and make your day full of ultranationalism.

Red Fort

As we know, Red Fort is the center of attraction from the revolt of 1857 when the rebellious leaders of the country started their struggle for freedom. Presently, the prime minister unfurls the national flag on this occasion, with thousands of people raising their voices for the national anthem.

Flag hoisting ceremony & Speech of prime minister.

There is nothing more glamorous than eyeing the flag hoisting ceremony, a glorious parade by the jawans of our country, the Speech of the prime minister, and the independence day fair. While you move to the venue to attend all these special events on the eve of independence, carry your ID cards to participate in the flag hoisting ceremony and Speech. It is free of cost, but you need to come early to get your seat.

Independence Day Fair.

To make the eve of independence full of faithfulness, you need to attend the independence day fair. One of the significant zeniths commemorated by several events such as the popular march-past of the corps, an exhibition of art-forms from various states, the kite-flying fighting, and scholars exemplifying the National Cadet Corps.

Gandhi Smriti & Darshan Samiti.

Who can forget the tremendous contribution of the great personality Mahatma Gandhi? If you want to contribute to the work our father of nation did to make us free from the British empire, this place is a must to stop in. Divided into two sects – “Gandhi Smriti” and “International Centre of Gandhian Studies and Research,” this historical place of Delhi is the residence of Mahatma Gandhi. It is a glamorous museum wrapped with a gorgeous garden and a continual flame to mark Indian victory. The memorial furthermore facilitates a multimedia show.

National War Memorial.

Coming back to your home without visiting the home of fearless heroes who have contributed their life for the sake of freedom? NOT FAIR! One of the best historical places in New Delhi is the National War Memorial at India Gate, a built-in memory of the soldiers our country lost during the Indian struggle for independence. The memorial carves the names of the brave Indian soldiers who gave their life struggling for the country. The whole architecture stands on a low base of red Bharatpur stone and rises in stages to a massive molding with lush green lawns surrounded all around it.


It’s better to make Independence day memorable by visiting all the places mentioned above. Make sure you give one day of the year to celebrate the victory of our country. Heed the independence events, celebrated kite flying, and purchased some unique antiques to make the event even more happening.

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