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Road bike sizing guide: What size is best for you?

If you make the mistake of buying a bike that is either too small or too big, it can cause you knee pain, back pain and low performance.

Road bike sizing guide: What size is best for you?
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It absolutely kills the fun when the bike you have bought does not fit your size. It feels uncomfortable and risky to ride, and there is a constant buzz in the mind that you will fall. But if you take a little interest in finding the right size of the bike before you buy it, it can save you from the above disaster. 

Furthermore, if you make the mistake of buying a bike that is either too small or too big, it can cause you knee pain, back pain and low performance. But when you are successful in choosing the bike’s right size, you feel more confident in riding bikes on a mountain trail, races, and any other cycling events. 

One of such famous events is held by Spoke Herd Community to celebrate the joy of pedalling all around the city. It is like a festival for all cycling fanatic who want to show their skill and promote for a greater cause. SHC event is mostly held to promote a healthy lifestyle, better environment, cycling and social responsibility. So those who participate in the event are able to experience the perfect blend of fitness, fun and bonding. Plus, there is no distinction relating to biker level, i.e., advanced, intermediate or beginner. So even you can join the event. 

Now let us look at how to find the perfect size of your bike.

Ways to find the perfect bike size

Down here, we have discussed several ways that you can adopt to find the perfect size for your bike:

Check the maker’s size chart

If you are planning to buy a new bike for yourself, make sure you choose the right size frame by checking the maker’s size chart. Bike producer build bikes in different sizes; at the minimum, they vary around five to six of them. However, they are all labelled either in centimeters or from small to large. But there are also cases where there are several size options available, and you have to choose from them according to your own measurement. 

So, in such cases, it is best to choose your bike size from a well-reputed website. They have a size chart under each bike model. The chart usually contains the dimension of each model along with the riders recommended height. 

Ask your local seller

Every seller knows that if they want to make more sale, they have to answer their customer’s question. So, without any second thought, you can visit your local seller and can ask him/her about the right bike measure. For example, what will be the most preferable top tube length, seat tube length, stack, stand over height, reach head tube length and other height for you. Trust me; they will answer all your questions. 

Hire a professional bike fit

One of the best and safest way to get the right size bike for yourself is hiring a professional bike fit. The professional will spend hours trying to set up a test bike indoor and let you ride it as they adjust the bike’s bars, saddle and other components. They basically analyze how these components are affecting your ride. It may cause you a bit expensive than other ways, but it will also ensure the best fit for you. 

Try it yourself

If you cannot afford to spend big amounts on professional bike fitters, you can also try doing it yourself. The most important measure you need to look for is your saddle height. You can measure it and match it using the LeMond formula: Measure the length of your inside leg and then multiply it with 0.885. However, you can also find the right fit by setting your saddle length through observation. Make sure you are able to put your foot center on the pedal with your leg straight of the cycle you are buying.  


It is important to select the right size bike for yourself to avoid getting hurt in future. Not only it will make you safe, but it will also give you the confidence to paddle your way anywhere. More importantly, it will give the joy of riding it in big cycling events and shows. So, even if it means you have to spend some extras to ensure your safety, you must invest in it. 

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