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Safety tips for Monsoon Cycling Rides

If you’re a fitness enthusiast who loves thrill, fun, and adventure then you should consider the cycling life, notably with the monsoons right around the edge.

Safety tips for Monsoon Cycling Rides
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If you’re a fitness enthusiast who loves thrill, fun, and adventure then you should consider the cycling life, notably with the monsoons right around the edge. The cycling life is not just for fun, but also an alluring & eloquent way to lose some weight and a very much comfortable for everyone.

The rainy season is here, and that should not be a reason to take a step back from the cycling community or cycling group. Instead, people should gear up, get out and pedal to challenge the monsoon weather. Dust off your old cycle and go on riding into known or unknown terrains! Always keep in mind, do not stay outdoors for a long time, and wear a mask before leaving home.

Spokeherd brings to you a few virtuous safety tips to ensure that you have a smooth monsoon ride:

Check your weather

Before you are all set to hit the terrains, it is better to take a look at the weather app on your handset see weather forecast or thunderstorms for the day, and then figure out the risk you might have to undertake if you cycle in heavy rain. It is better to avoid cycling during heavy rain or climatic conditions. Cycling lovers can be prepared well in advance by carrying every gear need to make their ride perfect.

Keep your eyes open

It is always essential to keep your eyes wide open when you are on the highway or streets, and especially more because of the condition of streets in the monsoon season in India. You always require looking out for the chuckholes on the streets. Just wear cycling sunglasses, helmets, and breathable mask, and a neck warmer for maximum protection. Ensure you will take breaks in between as you wear a mask.

Tyre condition of your cycle

Before leaving from home check your tyres for wear. If they’re in the last span of their life, it’s the best time to you get them changed, even if you believe they’ve got a few kilometers of rubber left. If the cycle tyres are too old, 70 percent chances are that the rubber has gone hard, and hardened tires will end up badly. So, if you see little cracks on your sidewalls, irrespective of the kilometers you’ve racked up, it’s the best advice to replace your tyres.

Get booted

Sport shoes are an often-overlooked feature of riding in the rain. Dry feet go a long way in keeping you comfortable on the cycling India, so buy a good pair of waterproof shoes if you can.

Safe riding, stay connected.

Indeed, our world revolves around our cell phones. Taking your cell phone along on the ride during the monsoon is a nice idea, though it can come in handy in time of any emergency but take a cellphone on a rainy ride? We must be joking, right? No, we aren’t. Because we have some cool cellphone bags that are a good bet against the monsoon rains. These covers are creatively designed to keep mobile phones in perfect conditions, even in the rains.

So, don’t wait anymore. The weather app tells you it’s going to rain soon or not and we can tell you, it’s going to be an awesome cycling ride.

Plan your ride and get monsoon ready with needy accessories from the best online bicycle store.

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