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The 10 Best Cycling YouTube Channels Worth Subscribing in 2023

We've rounded up our favorites in this list of the 10 Best Cycling YouTube Channels Worth Subscribing in 2023.

The 10 Best Cycling YouTube Channels Worth Subscribing in 2023
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Cycling is one of the most popular sports in the world. Whether you’re a diehard cyclist or just want to learn more about the sport, there are tons of resources out there that can help you get started.

If you're looking for a YouTube channel to help you get started with your new hobby, learn more about the history of cycling, get news on upcoming races, or just watch funny videos of people doing silly things while riding bikes, these channels will give you all the information you need.

We've rounded up our favorites in this list of the 10 Best Cycling YouTube Channels Worth Subscribing in 2023. Check it out!

1.    Global Cycling Network – GCN is one of the most liked YouTube cycling channels, with more than 3.5 million subscribers. With a focus on road cycling, it provides a variety of news, advice, reviews, and entertainment.

2.    Global Mountain Bike Network (GMBN - Another well-liked channel run and maintained by the same crew as GCN, GMBN features a variety of mountain bike content, such as how-to videos, product reviews, and route descriptions.

3.    Francis Cade - British cyclist Francis Cade records videos of his travels, competition, and adventures. He also conducts interviews with other cyclists and provides training and dietary advice.

4.    Vegan Cyclist – As the name implies, this channel is dedicated to vegan riding. It includes workout tips, racing footage, and athlete interviews who are vegan.

5.    Cycling Weekly - The well-known British cycling publication, Cycling Weekly has a YouTube channel that features news, race highlights, and pro cyclist interviews.

6.    Cycling Tops - The Australian-based website CyclingTips provides in-depth coverage of the professional cycling world, and their YouTube channel includes interviews with riders, gear evaluations, and race analysis.

7.    The Col Collective - This YouTube channel delivers breathtaking footage of some of the most famous cycling climbs in the world, along with pointers and suggestions for overcoming them.

8.    Shane Miller - GP Lama Shane Miller Shane Miller offers professional guidance on training, tools, and technique, with an emphasis on indoor cycling, as a former professional triathlete and coach.

9.    Chris Opie - He is a former professional cyclist from the United Kingdom who blogs about his training regimen and pro cycling industry observations on his YouTube channel.

10. BikeRadar - This UK-based cycling website covers road, mountain, and gravel biking. They also provide news, reviews, and videos on their YouTube channel about bikes and gear.

YouTube is the best place to find a lot of different cycling content. You can find everything from how-to videos to videos about your favorite racer, and it's all on one website. The internet is full of cycling videos—and it's also full of great, informative content on all kinds of topics.

Whether you're looking for a quick rundown of the best backpacking gear or tips on how to get started with a road bike, there's something for everyone on the above list.

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