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The Bicycle Boom. In times of Covid-19 Pandemic.

Owing to the global pandemic, the sales of bicycles have skyrocketed. The number of bicycles on the street has definitely increased.

The Bicycle Boom. In times of Covid-19 Pandemic.
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Owing to the global pandemic, the sales of bicycles have skyrocketed. The number of bicycles on the street has definitely increased.

With COVID-19 spreading at pace, both immunity and fitness are being sought after. However, the restrictions on movement and bolting of fitness centres have disallowed several fitness regimes to take shape. 

Nevertheless, it has helped the cycling culture reach newer heights.

The Numbers Game

Several Bicycle sellers have reported a 5 times growth in sales since the emergence of COVID-19. 

Start-ups like AlphaVector registered a mind-boggling 300% increase in annual revenue rate between April and June 2020.

The All India Bicycle Manufacturers Association (AICMA) reported sales crossing the mark of 40 lakhs in 5 months. Between May and September of 2020, a staggering 41,80, 945 bicycles were sold.

The call for immunity and fitness

The COVID-19 virus questioned the immunity of millions while being fatal for the less immune. This triggered the population to find ways of increasing immunity.

Multiple restrictions and closure of gyms and pools meant the general ways of being fit were not feasible. As a rescue measure, cycling emerged to be the best way of staying fit while increasing one’s immunity. The organic nature of cycling and its several advantages meant the bicycle boom was around the corner. 

Leveraging social media, cycling communities grew their popularity. The culture of cycling boomed as it was an effective activity, given the social distancing norms. 

Futuristic choices

Post the immediate boom, people are turning towards cycling for different reasons. The urban population is embracing the cycling culture as an escape from busy life. From weekend getaways to long rides, the metropolitan society has taken to cycling well.

Apart from this, cycles are being bought with a mindset of curbing commuting costs. Compared to other modes of travel, cycling is extremely inexpensive. Given the low maintenance costs, it can easily save thousands for those who commute regularly.

Alongside the economical part, cycles are also eco-friendly. With a negligible carbon footprint involved, cycling is healthier for the environment. Cycling communities are spreading the word and encouraging the multitude to take up cycling.

Safe Socializing 

Everybody wants to go back to their normal lives as soon as possible, be it college mates or work colleagues or even a couple, the virus has tormented all. The feeling of togetherness has been compromised for safety. Keeping public and personal health in mind, there are very few activities for a group to engage in. 

As a boon, cycling has rescued many friends’ circles. Group cycling has enabled people to come together and enjoy, whilst being safe and maintaining health protocols.

The ability to socialize while following social distancing is rare and group cycling enjoys this ability.

This is how the popularity of cycling has surged amidst the COVID 19 outbreak.

What are you waiting for? Phone your friends, grab those masks and sanitizers, and pedal your way to ecstasy. 

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