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The drastic change in cycling culture post-pandemic

With the advent of Covid-19, the interest in cycling among people increased. The main reason behind it was increasing disposable income, aspiration, social distancing, and environmental awareness.

The drastic change in cycling culture post-pandemic
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Cycles have been in the market for a long time but have been ignored and underestimated from a long until the recent times of COVID. Many people used it to pedal their way to work and back home. However, there were still not many consumers of the cycle, lacking India behind in the number of sales every year in comparison to the USA and China. 

But with the advent of Covid-19, the interest in cycling among people increased. The main reason behind it was increasing disposable income, aspiration, social distancing, and environmental awareness. As a result, cycle sales experienced a boom. 

Covid-19 gave people an opportunity to think about the best solution that is green, convenient, pollution-free, and sustainable, and the answer is obviously cycling. The sales of the high-end cycle rose to 30percent and people still expect it to rise to 50percent. Also, the surge was in premium, semi-premium, and recreational sectors, so it was apparent the consumer were mainly from urban areas. 

The benefits that mainly convinced people to choose bicycles as their primary transportation source are as follows. 

Benefits of cycling experienced by people

After people switched to cycling as their transportation medium, they realized the number of benefits regular cycling provides that help them fight Covid-19. They are:

Boost immunity

When you cycle, it helps enhance the blood flow in your body. As a result, the body experiences better air ventilation. Additionally, as you take deeper breaths during your session, your lungs get free of all the virus and help with building a better immunity system. 

Play a part in daily exercises

Now when the gyms were shut after covid people find it difficult to continue their physical activity. In such conditions, cycling acted as a great solution. However, only 150 minutes of intense workout like cycling every week can help keep better health and fit body.

Inner happiness

As stress prevails at every home during the pandemic, people were searching for a source to release all their tension and anxiety. What could be the better option than cycling? Cycling act as an excellent way to relax both mind and body. In fact, the best part about cycling is the release of endorphins (happiness hormones) that helped people lighten their mood. 

Exercise and social distancing together

Keeping in mind the social distancing norm, cycling is the best option to carry outdoor activities like going to work, reaching fitness goals, and meeting recreational demands. In addition, it helped people minimize the contact and induced less usage of public transport. 

However, it is best to join a cycling community to enjoy all the benefits mentioned above. In addition, it helps in the long run by inducing consistency and motivation.

SpokeHerd community serving every cycling enthusiast

It is the first cycling community where a single pleasure of riding cycle binds all members. SpokeHerd community brings fun and fitness together and unitedly shares an adventurous experience. SHC works wholeheartedly to promote the positive habit of pedaling daily, be it an intermediate, beginner, or advanced rider. 

SpokeHerd community finds it their duty to fulfill the needs of people who want to stay fit and bond with like-minded people. Thus, they provide cycling rental services and an excellent marketplace for cycles. In short, it is the right place to look when a person wants fitness, fun, and bonding blended in the right proportion. However, to understand the importance of such a community, the reason to be a cycle community member are discussed below. 

Reasons to be a member of the cycling community

You may think riding alone is a better option as you get freedom and independence. But the fact is riding with a community takes your cycling session to another level. Some top reasons to join a cycling club are as follows:


It is a great feeling to ride in the community. Also, there is a proper precaution taken regarding social distancing, so you have no fear of Covid 19. It acts as a great way to fight against the deadly disease and make you ready for everything that has to come.

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