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The spirit of cycling

Cycling is not only the most enthralling experience for an enthusiast, but it is also a healthy habit to develop.

The spirit of cycling
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Cycling is not only the most enthralling experience for an enthusiast, but it is also a healthy habit to develop. As much as it could be an individual activity, cycling is fun as a group activity.

When we say cycling, we may often forget that it is also the first means of transport to be invented. That’s because cycling has now gained popularity more for fitness and health.


It is only for a few decades that cycling has caught on like other sports and people have started to explore the sport in all aspects.


Here are some benefits of cycling as part of a routine:

Improved well-being

Cycling regularly increases the oxygen supply to the brain, which releases endorphins. Cycling also releases dopamine and serotonin, giving you the rush of thrill and happiness. When you cycle for an hour or so at least 5 times a week, these hormones get into the bloodstream to create a sense of calm, happiness and joy, over time.



Cycling is a great fitness activity and how many calories one burns during cycling depends on the intensity of riding. Generally, cycling burns around 450 - 750 calories in 60 minutes, making it a great fitness activity. For someone working on their weight, this is an ideal workout.


Aerobic activity

Among the different types of exercises out there, aerobic exercises are extremely beneficial for the body in a long run. Aerobic activities improve cardiovascular health and that is key to keeping the heart healthy in the long run. Aerobic exercises are also highly recommended for upkeeping muscle mass and strength. For those aiming to improve physical


Improved sleep

For those who face sleeplessness, cycling is highly recommended for multiple reasons. The much-needed tire and fatigue from a good workout can induce sleep. The increased serotonin levels also help you sleep better. Outdoor cycling also helps you get good fresh air and is great for sleep.


Green commuting

Regular cyclists also feel confident commuting to work by a cycle. This is also advantageous for the environment. If you are planning to decrease your carbon footprint, this is a great choice to make.

The community

The cycling community is spread across the world and everyone together stands as one community. When you cycle consistently, you can be part of one such local community that will also help you make friends with like-minded people. The common agenda of health and wellbeing brings people closer and this is a healthy social group to have.


Cyclists also organize multiple tours and expeditions together. This makes cycling extremely interesting and full of life.


Irrespective of the terrain, be it a city by the beach or a tough mountain landscape, cycling has been fun for decades now. It’s never too late to start. Remember to take baby steps and increase your distance and frequency as you cycle more.


To see the above-mentioned benefits of cycling, one needs to be consistent at cycling, like any other form of exercise and sport.


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