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Things Every Cyclist should know by heart!

Bring in your helmet and put on shoes as we’re here to help you with the top 10 things that every cyclist should know.

Things Every Cyclist should know by heart!
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We all have beautiful memories of childhood weekly cycling races. Cycling is full of fun, excitement and has good health benefits too. With the lack of time and lack of open spaces in busy cities, cycling has become a dream for many.

In the challenging times of the covid-19 pandemic, many people are struggling to manage their fitness regime and gaining pounds of fats. Have you thought about cycling to keep you fit and connected to nature?

Bring in your helmet and put on shoes as we’re here to help you with the top 10 things that every cyclist should know.

And guess what? Whether you are beginner, casual rider or a serious rider one should take care of these key points.

Know Your Cycle

Not all cycles are the same. Thus, it is essential to know all about your new or old bike before riding one. You can adjust your cycle according to your height and comfort.

Learn All About Gears

Different cycles come with a different number of gears. Know all about the gears when you’re cycling on a windy day, right rpm while climbing, and on straight roads. You can stay at 70rpm for a climb and can cycle at 90rpm.

Right Posture for You

Your body will guide you for the right posture while cycling. Try to look up at all times to avoid any balance issues. You can sit more forward or normally according to the saddle. You may take some time to find the most comfortable posture while cycling.

Keep Tools Handy

It is great to keep unified tools handy for your repairs. Looking for a service repair may require loads of time and disturb your journey.

How to Fix a Flat Cycle Tyre?

It is easy to replace a flat cycle tyre if you’re are equipped. All you need to do is replace the tube, check with the lever, and pump in the air.

How to Maintain Cycle Chain?

Your cycle chain or gearbox is in constant motion. Thus, oiling or greasing is the best way to keep it well-maintained for long trips.

When to Eat or Drink

You can eat energy bars, dry fruits, etc., every 1.5 hours to 2 hours. For drinking, it is ideal for taking sips after 15 minutes.

Explore the Nature

It is great to ride cycles on long and distant roads. You can opt for the greenery area with the least traffic for your regime.

Be a Part of Cycling Community

Create or become a part of cycling enthusiasts who meet regularly for long cycling trips.

Take Care of Your Bike

Just like any other equipment, give your cycle regular service and store it properly every use.

Cycling is a full-body exercise that requires superb coordination of mind and body. Keep these little pieces of advices handy, and don’t forget to have a fun time. Be a cycling pro and start helping others.

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