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Top 10 Cycling Communities in India

Down here, we have made a list of cycling groups that offer the best policy and service regarding cycling. You can be the member of any of them if it finds fit to you.

Top 10 Cycling Communities in India
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Cycling communities are the backbone of cycling events and festivals. They are a source of invaluable experience, knowledge, and advice to convert you into a better rider. In fact, there are many clubs that let you come and participate in cycling events even before you join them. We will learn about them down below but first, let’s look at its importance and why should we join them?

Reason for joining cycling communities

They are the perfect solution if you seek ways to ride for leisure and do not need any professional assistance. In addition, these communities are fun to join as it brings all like-minded people on a single platform and gives them the opportunity to interact. So, as they pedal their way, they share their mutual passion. 

Another reason for joining cycling communities is getting an opportunity to buy second-hand cycle before investing tons of money on brand-new cycle. In addition, there are also few groups in which you can search for the perfect cycle that you desire for. Also, the communities offer a platform to find riding partners for those who do not wish to ride alone but haven’t been lucky to find someone for company. Now let us look at different groups that you can join.

Famous cycling communities in India you can join

Down here, we have made a list of cycling groups that offer the best policy and service regarding cycling. You can be the member of any of them if it finds fit to you:


Cyclop is one of India’s leading and most active cycling community, which has expanded greatly online. Initially, the club started with the simple need of cyclists like selling MTB shorts online, but now it has expanded in a way that it serves thousands of cyclists in their buying and selling needs. If you are also a bike fanatic that looks for opportunities to sell expensive bikes to get high-end ones, this is the club for you. 

Cycling Goa

The members of the Cycling Goa community are fond of only one thing, and that is cycling. So, they want a community that does not deal in anything but just cycling, and Cycling Goa is one such community. In fact, the group has one lady member who became the first Indian lady to be a part of the 1200km race held in Delhi. 

SpokeHerd Community

SpokeHerd community is the most spirited community of India. It has successfully introduced a platform that brings like-minded people that care about health, the environment and social responsibility. Moreover, SHC lets riders of all kind advanced, intermediate or beginner, join them and share their passion. In addition, they also allow renting bikes. 

Bums On Saddle 

It is another India’s largest e-commerce platform that allows people to buy cycle and accessories. Moreover, it is also a place that brings cycling-enthusiast together, geek over bikes and enjoy the immense joy of riding. 

Delhi Collective Cyclist

Delhi Collective cyclist is a community where you can get all the new updates about the cycling industry. The platform provides detail about the upcoming events and races. Moreover, the club is also a great marketplace offering bicycles and its component.  


It is another great platform for cycling extremist. The group has now over 4000+ members and schedule a cycling event every weekend. When it first started, it was just a fun medium to cycling enthusiast, but now it has become more of an inspiration. 

Indian Cycling Club

This club has been promoting cycling for the past ten years. It aims to give a platform to those who feel they are not fit to join cycling events per their age. Therefore, they have kept the age bracket from 5 to 75. 

GODCE (Group of Delhi Cycling Enthusiast)

Every member of this group is a true fan of riding bikes. In fact, they are so obsessed with cycling that they don’t believe in checking google distance. As a result, discovering new route and distance every day.

Noida Cycling Club

This club was founded in 2011 with the prime motive of getting the masses to carry the sport of cycling and enjoying its endless benefits. It was a great initiative taken by Aman Puri, the founder, to create a better environment. They believe in four factors: Eat, Ride, Explore and click photos. Also, there is safety in riding with this community as they provide supervision of senior riders while you ride your bicycle. 

Mumbai Cycle Enthusiast

It is one of India largest community with over 16000+ members. The club has helped connect every cycling activist to come together and share rides. Moreover, the main motto of this community was to create a buzz about cycling and promote this healthy lifestyle. They have shown great initiatives in bringing out all the positive aspects of cycling. 


So, now when you know the amazing benefits you can get by joining these cycling fanatic groups and the names of the famous clubs that offer opportunities to ride together, why not join it today? Every club on the list mentioned above provides a great medium for fun ride and opportunities of getting goosebumps to riders. 

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