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Top 5 Mistakes Beginners Make and How to Avoid Them

Read along to know the top 5 beginner cyclist mistakes and how to avoid them.

Top 5 Mistakes Beginners Make and How to Avoid Them
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Whether you are about to start your cycling journey or you’re just getting back after a long pause, this articulation is a must-read. Learning from your mistakes is a common advice, but for cyclists, it is not as easy as it sounds.

So, we at Spoke Herd have compiled a list of common cycling mistakes made by beginners. 

Read along to know the top 5 beginner cyclist mistakes and how to avoid them:

Riding with an empty stomach

Cycling is a simple activity but can be overwhelmingly exhausting. Most beginners only read the first part of the line and start to ride. After covering some distance, they feel the latter part. With no fuel in the stomach, cycling can be an excruciating activity. 

This does not only hamper your cycling journey but also is unhealthy for your body. Have a light meal before the journey, and carry some snacks along. 

Bananas and protein bars are great for munching while cycling. And never forget carrying your water bottle and staying hydrated throughout the ride.

Not carrying tools and spares

Halfway through the ride and a flat tire is a scenario, beginner cyclists face frequently. What next? They carry no spares nor pumps and shall have to wait for a lift back home. 

To save yourself from this fix, you have one simple solution. And that is to carry the necessary tools and spares. 

Carrying a couple of spare tubes and a CO2 inflator or a mini-pump is a must. Please be self-sufficient in carrying your tools and avoid being ‘that person’.

Wrong clothing

One of the most common mistakes by beginner cyclists is wearing the wrong attire. Your all-cotton outfit might be awful for a ride over 20-25 kilometres. And if the conditions do not suit, cotton outfits can be your nemesis.

Shorts and jerseys tailored for cyclists must be your go-to attire. Also, consider the weather and distance you shall be cycling for. These two factors will dictate the material and the layering of your outfit. 

Lack of maintenance

After returning from a ride, what is the usual routine? Park the bicycle and touch it only before the next ride.

If this is your routine, kindly avoid it. 

Take your cycle out regularly, re-oil, or lubricate it if needed. Habitually, check the air pressure and inflate it to ideal PSIs. And if you are not going to use the cycle for a long time, you can remove the tires and store them separately. 

Also, clean and dust your cycle often, to prevent it from rusting. 

Excessive braking

Brakes are not your best friends. Do not rely on them always. 

Beginner cyclists depend on brakes at all times and ride uncomfortably. Rather, learn to slow down and coast during curves or traffic. Cyclists often lose control over the cycle when they use brakes excessively. 

So, remember to use the brakes sparingly and focus on cycling smoothly.

Beginners, avoid these 5 mistakes them smartly for a healthy ride.

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