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Treating pain from a bike accident and injuries

The bad news is cyclists are prone to accidents. In fact, bicycle crashes are quite common and can be serious too.

Treating pain from a bike accident and injuries
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Today, the rising number of people adopting cycle as their daily commute is helping them in many ways. People who bike daily live a healthy and better life as cycling serves them as a form of exercise, strengthening their muscles, tendons, joints, bones and heart. In addition, it also helps in maintaining the shape of the body. 

However, the bad news is cyclists are prone to accidents. In fact, bicycle crashes are quite common and can be serious too. This is why we have mentioned points that explain different types of cycle injuries, how to treat them, and how to prevent them. So, let’s dive into it.

Back pain 

It is very common for cyclists to experience pain in the neck or back when riding in one position for long hours. The hours you spent curled over the cycle handlebar, when added to the time you sit in front of a computer screen in your job, induces back pain. In addition, if you ignore the situation, it can further upset the lower back, which can affect your body posture and other areas.

To be precise, it affects the piriformis muscle, which initiates from your lower back and joins into the upper area of the thighbone. As a result, you feel irritation in your hips, leg, lower back, toes, etc.

If you want to cure it, try stretching your back and hips and use foam rollers. However, if the problem continues to disrupt life, it is advisable to visit an osteopath who can control the symptoms. However, the preventive measure you can follow are:

Position when not riding: Make sure the chair you are sitting on is comfortable and supported with a doctor pillow.

Position when riding: If your position is very uncomfortable with a long top tube and reduced level handlebar, take steps to raise them to a comfortable level. This will alleviate the pressure.

Core strength:

Having pain in the back and collapsing your back frequently on the bike means your core muscle is not strong enough. So, you must work on your core strength. This will make you a strong rider and will prevent back pain.

Knee Pain 

Even though cycling is not an exercise with a high impact, there are chances you will experience knee pain as a result of long cycling hours.

The most common type of knee pain that most cyclists experience is Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, also known as Runner’s Knee. Runner’s Knee is when you feel inflammation around your knee area. Its cause is still not confirmed, but it is most probably because you have exercised too much in a short period.

If you have osteoarthritis, you will also experience pain in your joints other than knee areas. This is because your cartilage has grown old over time. So, your joints have become stiff; you have a swelled knew, and your legs can only move up to a limited range.

Iliotibial Band Pain is another injury that cyclist experience when riding a bike. An IT band sits outside your Knee and rubs against your bone as you ride the bike. The more it will rub, the more pain you will experience, so in such a condition, it is advisable to rest and stretch the legs a bit.

Hip Pain

Are you experiencing pain in your hips exactly in the area where you keep your wallet? If yes, it is most likely because of Piriformis Syndrome. It is a sharp pain experienced in the buttock region and deep into the leg. It mostly arises when the muscle shrinks and the sciatic nerve gets compressed. Also, it is the other most common pain experienced by ride who do not exercise or stretch muscles other than those involved in cycling. As a result, causing atrophy or weakening of the piriformis muscle.

Wrist or Forearm pain

A cyclist must remember to ride a bike with their elbows bent. This will act as a shock absorbent when there’s a bump in the road. Wrist pain and numbness is a common problem when cycling which arises because of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Cyclist Palsy. It can be avoided by alternating pressure, wearing padded gloves and stretching.

Injuries through Bicycle accidents 

Getting tumbled while riding a bike is common and can be cured with simple first aid, but you should seek a medical emergency if there is a serious injury involved. This is important even if you feel totally fine, especially if you have been unconscious even for a minute.

While road rash, serious sprains, and broken bones are easily visible, some fatal injuries may not be visible to you but can be life-threatening. In addition, if you have injuries in the ligaments, muscles, and soft tissue, it can grow even worse in few days. So, do not ignore to contact a doctor for full treatment.

The chances of going through an accident or growing pain because of the wrong posture decrease when joining a cycling community. There are members who treat each other like family and help them to avoid any kind of pain. One such community is SpokeHerd Community.

SpokeHerd Community, the best community for cyclist

SpokeHerd community is the best community that actually cares about their member. They create an environment that supports bond, fitness and fun, so a cyclist feels the joy of riding the bike. The community brings together like-minded people passionate about cycling who want to create a better environment, a healthy lifestyle, and a smarter transport mode.

SHC is like a family who helps each other to become a better rider. They do not let each other be left behind; they inspire and motivate each other. SpokeHerd community is a source of invaluable knowledge and experience, so you feel safe carrying your favourite work, i.e., cycling.


It is not wise to treat a cycling injury lightly. It is capable of causing serious issues. So, if you go through an accident or there is persistent pain, you should visit a doctor immediately. But this must not let you down of carrying your passion. However, if you feel traumatic, joining a community can help gain back your confidence and love.

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