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Trend alert: Rent a bicycle in India

Renting is the new trend across industries and is trending for all the right reasons.

Trend alert: Rent a bicycle in India
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Renting is the new trend across industries and is trending for all the right reasons. And contrary to popular belief, it is no longer limited to a particular product or real estate. It is widespread across industries like furniture, hardware equipment, and vehicles. And guess what, renting is now a growing practice among cycling lovers as well. 

Now the question arises —

Renting or buying – Which one is Better?

Generally, buying provides the user with a sense of ownership and flexibility, while renting removes commitment and fosters experimentation. Likewise, for those who are new to cycling or are trying to make it a routine, rental services are your best friend.

Spoke Herd recommends you initially use it as a part of your office commute or maybe make it a part of your fitness regime. Try them out to know whether you enjoy cycling and later, plan on investing in a quality cycle. 

So, is renting cycles the only way to go? No. 

Renting is a solid solution for those who are venturing into cycling and are unsure of their commitment. But it has its own drawbacks such as uncertainty with regards to the cycle availability. Also, cyclists have their comfort levels as for the cycle’s fit and size. So, by renting frequently, cyclists tend to be uncomfortable often. 

Hence, after cycling for a substantial period, consider investing in one. This is where you invest in a cycle that truly fits your needs and is tailor-made for you. Apart from regular maintenance, there is no added responsibility as you own a cycle.

Renting Market in India

India is a country where bikes, scooters, and cars are more commonly found on the roads than cycles. But with the rising awareness for fitness and health, bicycles too have gained popularity. And for those who chose not to invest in one, opt for renting services. 

Not just that, due to the high traffic and congested roads, demand for cycles has increased manifold. Also, tourist places are turning into cycle renting hubs as the visitors need an economical mode of transit. 

Renting cycles is not just for adults, it is also available for kids. It is especially beneficial for kids as they tend to outgrow and need a new one very often. Buying cycles every year or two is not feasible, hence renting is a good sustainable practice.

Government Initiatives in Bicycle Renting

The Indian Government has partnered with private organizations to come up with parking stations for bicycles outside public transport hubs. Places like metro stations, bus stands, famous landmarks, and public parks are potential rental hubs for bicycles. 

With the Government of Karnataka pushing for a public bicycle sharing scheme in Mysore, it is an amazing start. Governmental involvement shall ensure the rates are affordable by the majority, contributing to inclusive growth of the cycle rental market. 

Since the hourly rental prices are touted to be nominal, it shall encourage students to bank on these cycles as their regular mode of transit. So, if you see cycle rental initiatives near college campuses, don’t be surprised, it is the future.

Rise of Renting Start-Ups in India

A lot of companies have come up after observing the sentiment towards cycling increasing. Notably, start-ups are investing huge monies in the research and development of these services. This is a necessity to make cycle rentals more inclusive in today’s society. Talking about convenience and affordability, SpokeHerd has emphasized both of them with our own rental platform. 

Providing a variety of cycles of top-notch quality, we are proud to contribute to a healthy and sustainable practice. Here, you can view our cycles and book them. We hope to provide you a seamless cycle rental experience.


The cycle renting model is a win-win for both the consumers as well as the government. Implementation is a bit of a challenge due to the investment and infrastructure involved. But once set up, it can give long-term rewards to society. Spoke Herd views this as an investment for a healthy society in the future. 

And as a part of this investment, our rental platform is live and running. In a simple way, choose the bicycle you like and rent it for your rides with ease. Contact us here to book the bicycles for rent.

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