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Ways To Stay Fit with Cycling Even When You Are Super Busy

Cycling can be a great aerobic activity if you do not want to invest your time and money in enrolling for a gym membership which you half of the time skip or don’t go to.

Ways To Stay Fit with Cycling Even When You Are Super Busy
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Even though we are all aware of how significant exercising on a regular basis is, yet we tend to come up with a bunch of excuses for not doing it even a bit. And the most common excuses being – I don’t have much time or I am super busy! Yes, we get it, you are busy, but so are the other people around you who still make time for working out.

Also, you cannot deny how necessary staying fit as a part of your well-being is. If you cannot do the bare minimum for your body, then it is not going to make your coming years much content. So, the thumb rule here is, make your body go through a little discomfort to let it enjoy peace in the times to come. 

Cycling can be a great aerobic activity if you do not want to invest your time and money in enrolling for a gym membership which you half of the time skip or don’t go to. 

So, to begin with, let’s convince you why you should be working out at all? Below are a few listed benefits of cycling every day or every alternative day. (Considering you are super busy)!

We hope those benefits might have motivated you a little bit to at least get started? So below are a few points to get you started with cycling regularly even if you have a jam-packed schedule. 

1. Start Early & Start Strong 

The best way to start your day on a positive note is to take a shot of espresso and get straight to paddle on your bike for 15-20 minutes. The reason being, when you wake up, you should spare a little time to indulge in self-care. Before you reach out for your morning newspaper and infuse in the hustle and bustle of the day, leverage the “me time” and give priority to your body. Once you get in the habit of following this regime and cycling every day for 15-20 minutes dedicatedly, there’s no turning back!  

2. Set Reminders on Your Smart Devices for Your Advantage

Make technology and annoying notifications on your phones and smartwatches your best friend for the benefit of your health. Set an alarm or reminder and let it constantly bug you when you take a little time off for yourself. Set a time for whenever you feel you can cut yourself some slack and can go on a break. Instead of slouching on your bed and munching snacks, make sure to quickly get on your bike and do a swift round of spins on your bicycle. It’s up to you if you want to make it a high-intensity session or go slow. But the idea here is to just get going and moving! 

3. Conduct Your Cycling Workouts Tactfully 

Planning and scheduling every time does not guarantee success. The same is true when you set a dedicated routine for your cycling workout. So instead of not keeping up with your schedule, train your mind to do it differently. You can smartly work out whenever you get a quick opportunity to do so. How? Got grocery shopping to do? Hop on your bike and spin to the shop next street. Watching TV? Why not get on your indoor bicycle and paddle while you enjoy your favorite TV show? Talking on the phone? Go ahead and paddle your way out instead of lying on your couch or bed. These small changes will add on making you a lot fitter than you actually think. 

4. Make A Plan and Measure Your Success If You Love To Track Everything

If you are a to-do kind of a person, or someone who makes lots of lists, or someone who performs their best when they have a goal and a plan to revisit every time, make sure to apply this technique to your cycling workouts as well!

Mark it on your calendar, track your progress for the days you worked out and for the days you missed, and create a goal that you want to achieve with all your regular cycling training. This will help you get started, sustain it and even measure your progress over the period of time. This will ultimately lead you to get in better shape and in a healthy mindset as well. 

5. Get Yourself a Cycling Buddy

Try getting a companion to encourage you to get healthier and you can do that for him/her. Seal a deal with your friends to ride every alternative day with your friends and cover a few errands around the neighbourhood or park to not make it a boring ride if you hate riding alone. This way helps you get in a routine and you can also enjoy the ride simultaneously with your friend cycling by your side. 

Final words

You may have a hectic work schedule, unending household chores, or a full-time parent looking after your kids, it’s natural to snooze and lose. However, your health comes first and it shouldn’t be overlooked no matter how busy or occupied you are throughout the day.

Spoke Herd believes in ‘Start small but at least start.‘ Once you condition yourself to make your body, physical fitness, and mental being your priority, cycling would automatically become a non-negotiable aspect of your life. 

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