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Why don’t bicycles have a number plate?

The debate started that whether a cyclist should register and display their license plate to build the road safely or not in many areas. This is because of so many reasons mentioned down here.

Why don’t bicycles have a number plate?
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License Plate has been around for a long time of the years, and it is for a good reason. When a car owner registers their vehicle, they take the responsibility of the action like meeting a reckless accident. Moreover, with the growing number of cyclists, the owners of cycles were also required to do the same, but not anymore.  

The debate started that whether a cyclist should register and display their license plate to build the road safely or not in many areas. This is because of so many reasons mentioned down here.

Reasons why people find registering cycle vague

Down here are some of the points which shows why bicycles do not need to have a number plate anymore:

Double taxing

Most cyclists also have a motor vehicle that they ride on the road. This means the cyclists have to pay double road tax, registration fees, and insurance. So, it is not fair to enforce bike registration, and taxes double-time to the cyclist.

Registration will discourage the people to cycle

When people have to carry so many procedures, pay a handsome for registration, and commit to paying road taxes every year, it will discourage people from cycling.

A big decision for poor

Low-income earners who cannot afford a car find it hard to afford their living. On top of this, it is insensitive to force them to pay registration and road tax fees. The license plate will only add to their increasing expenses of the rising economy. For example, imagine a typical housewife using cycle as her daily transport to feed the family of five. So, asking them to pay the license fee will only be a burden for them.

A cycle is not a dangerous source of transportation

When we say cycling, people often come up with a notion of it being a dangerous hobby while it is safer than walking. In fact, according to a study, there is only a slight possibility for a cyclist to suffer a head injury while biking. However, there is a long list of things you can adopt to make sure it does not turn serious, like:

Add to increasing traffic chaos

Registering for cycling will only discourage people from quitting bikes to avoid additional expenses. However, weekend warriors and competitive cyclists will continue to live their passion for cycling despite the additional cost. On the other hand, recreational cyclists and commuting riders will find it discouraging to continue the path. As a result, it will increase the population of the city, creating traffic jams and chaos. Further, increasing the pollution and the demand for a public commute.

Children will have to register their bike

It is ridiculous to expect children to register their cycle, and if the answer is no, only adults will have to register their bikes; this is another issue. The cycle will soon turn into a burning societal problem where people have to carry so many legal jobs when they turn 18.

On the other hand, although some kids are small but often heftier than their mother or other average adult women. So, could not a mom borrow their son’s cycle? So, will the registration be going to be based on bodyweight instead? The process can become complex day by day, so it is better to avoid it altogether.

What is the law’s point of view?

Law says that the number of reckless cyclists is increasing day by day. Thus, they require to go through the registration and licensing process. It will force them to stick by the rule, follow the traffic light and signals. So, preventing them from making the city an unsafe environment to move around by enforcing penalties to cyclists.

However, if you cannot figure out whether you need to go through the registration or not, you can take the help of cycling communities.

Make cycling experience memorable with SpokeHerd Community

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So, if you are looking for a community that will inspire you to adapt to the positive habit, SHC is the one. It not only arranges for the best path but contains inspiring members who push each other to commit to the fitness and environment-friendly way of transport. Here, you can even get experts to guide you if you have any questions relating to licensing, registration, and other information about cycling.


As a responsible cyclist, it is always best to abide by the law. If the law permits you to cycle around the city without a license plate, feel free to enjoy the advantage. But if it becomes necessary to control the increasing irresponsibility of cyclists, support the cause.

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