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Women’s-Specific vs Unisex Bikes

The fact is some women find women-specific bike more comfortable for them, and it is discussed in details below.

Women’s-Specific vs Unisex Bikes
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If you are looking for the answer to whether women should ride a women’s-specific bike or a unisex bike, the short answer is a woman can ride anyone of it. However, this is where another question pops in which one will be more comfortable to ride, has better experience and better performance. 

The fact is some women find women-specific bike more comfortable for them, and it is discussed in details below. But before we get started on it, if you love to participate in cycling events and ride as a participant in it, you must know about Spoke Herd Community.

Know everything about Spoke Herd Community

Spoke Herd is a high-spirited community that attempts to bring fitness, fun and light-spirited people together. They strive to provide all a sense of adventure while pedaling their way around the city in a crowd. Every participant, be it be a rookie, intermediate and expert rider, all experience a sense of pleasure. SHC main motive is to spread the message of promoting cycling, protecting the environment, carrying a healthy lifestyle, and realizing one’s social responsibility. So, if you also want to enjoy this perfect blend of fun and bonding, then you must join it. 

Unleash the truth

The truth is, there is not much of a difference between different types of cycles available in the market, men, women or unisex other than the height difference. So, it becomes clear here that you have to get the right fit for yourself if you want to get the right bike. This will solve all other problem relating to comfort, performance and speed. 

However, to get the right fit, you need to have the right size frame. Every bike producer provides their different bike size guide under their model, but you must also take a ride to check the comfort for yourself if possible. 

Another point which shows finding the right size is the most important thing is that other fits can be tweaked according to the users’ need.

For example, some of the things that you can alter or change in your bike involve:

How to make sure the bike you are choosing is the best of all?

If you see the below features in your bike, you can be assured that it is the best bike for you:

Smaller frames

Women should look for bikes that have smaller frames with the shorter top tube. This is because women tend to have longer legs, shorter torso and proportionately shorter inseams than men. Therefore, to ride with comfort, you need smaller frames. Unfortunately, it was tough to find small frames for exceptionally petite women from the traditional bike manufacturers. But now, when there is a big market for women cycle, so, it is quite easy to find you just have to look in the right place. 

Shorter-reach brake levers

This is an issue that almost all women cyclist face. As women’s hands are smaller compared to men, they often struggle to reach the brake levers. So, if you find shorter reach brake levers, you can prevent yourself from suffering from safe. 

Narrow handlebars

Women’s shoulders are narrower than men this means they will benefit more if they have narrow handlebars in their bike. But it is also true that wider handlebars provide better stability. So, first, try if you are comfortable having wider handlebars. If not, then change it. 

Shorter crankarms

This is one of the most ignored but also the most important point of all. Regardless of the frame size, every bike has different standard size cranks. So, if you are shorter in size, you can get benefit from shorter crank arms. However, if you choose longer cranks, it can result in knee pain and other body tissues. 


So, to sum up, it does not depend on the type of cycle you are buying. It all depends on the features and component the cycle is offering. To enjoy the best ride, you need to make sure it has the perfect size and matches your fit. However, to judge whether it fits your size, the above are the areas you must focus on. 

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